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Bring this MW2 killstreak back? Ideas for new factions?

I have been thinking about this for a while, and I think it would be fairly easy to implement into a the game (Since it is available at random chance in "Drop Zone"


Maybe an 8 killstreak for the MW2 Emergency Aidrop? In terms of the MW2 stats, it would be the same in MW3 (Higher chance for good killstreaks, like the AC-130 or Osprey Gunner)



Something else that I have been thinking about is with the possibility of DLC, adding new maps with possible new factions.


My ideas for these are: FSO (Russian gaurd agency featured in the single player level "Turbulence"), Task Force 141 Disavowed, Resistance (The personal army who helps Yuri, Captain price, and Soap through single player) and maybe for the levels like "Arkaden" Budeswehr? (The German Military)



Just some thoughts that I have come up with. Thoughts/Opinions?