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Lag spikes

Has anyone been getting any lag spikes?
I know they're not local because I've seen it on the kill cam, as well as other indications.


Anyone else had these happen to them? I've had to quit two games to avoid a possible migration.


This is also the first time this is happened to me November, so its not my connection.


Also, other people seem a good half second ahead of me. I've been killed in impossible times by guns that couldn't have fired that many shots in such a short ammount of time.



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    My games have been plagued with horrible lag all day today. I maybe got 2 full games in, the rest either connection dropped or I backed out because of severe rubber-banding and lag spikes.

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    The migration is meant to help minimize/fix the lag spikes. Every time I play a game that lags bad, there's a new host that's picked, and it usually fixes the problem. So why would you want to avoid the host migration?

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      Long, tedious, ususally chooses me, and the lag is usually bad for a couple moments after that.


      I've had games where I've had to DB out because it wouldn't time out.


      I'd rather just play a new game than put up with it.

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        Almost every game I play today theres 2 or 3 host migrations. Lots of skipping around. Every lobby  is at least half 3 bar players even though I am connecting to the under 50ms lobbies every time. Almost seems like they jacked with the matchmaking and made it worse.

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    Just curious, but are you in the US and if so what area? I'm in Southeast US, Northwest Tennessee.


    I tried to play it a few times today but each time was just so bad that I had to quit trying.

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      I am in Illinois and its happening.

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      Georgia, Metro Atlanta.


      So it's not localized, because we'd pick up completely different player bases.


      Glad to know this isn't just me having this issue.

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        The good part about what ever it is, I had host for 5 games and every shot registered while I was host! Thats the first time its happened since I got MW3.

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      I am in Indiana.  Indianapolis area.  Everyday this game is so laggy and skipping around and i am constantly getting shot with some bullsh.. and i hate it ready to move onto Black ops 2 and hope it isnt going to be like this the whole time.


      36 down

      6-8 up

      15ms ping




      Unless they ONLY care about the long lines at midnight.



      SC ROTIC

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    Spikes? Nope.

    Nearly constant lag? Yup.

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    Yes definitely! I have had a huge problem with my character "rubberbanding" today as well as the game lagging so bad that the scoreboard took forever to show when I pressed the back button.


    Also way more killcams of me just standing out in the open getting shot when I know I unloaded on the guy that killed me. 9 rounds into a guy, 9 hitmarkers, he turns around and kills me in 2 shots, killcam shows me just standing there not shooting.

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      I've had that problem, as well as being killed almost instantly when theres no way he should of got the kill.


      Hopefully they just made a mistake in the last 24 hours and are looking for a solution now.


      Did this just happen today, or is it a continuing thing for yall?

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    Same same in Sydney Australia

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    This seems to be a global issue. I posted a thread the  other day regarding the same issue.


    Global, that is, to MW3.


    I can play any other COD game as well as another title and not have these problems.

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    I haven't played the game today, but I do experience lag spikes and rubber banding quite often.

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    Not here (germany). I had a shitload of matches tonight where I emptied a whole mp7 clip on a guy standing just a few meters away from me, got like 10 hitmarkers (gun kills in 3 at that range), and he shoots me with a single 3 bullet burst or even a single handgun shot.

    I tried 12 or 13 lobbies, all were the same. Noticed a whole lot of people going from 3 or 4 bars right down to red and back up the entire time.

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    5 days ago I all of a sudden had REAL bad issues for 4 whole days.. Honestly like watching a scratched DVD that skipped two seconds ahead. Thought it might be lag spikes. Never really had an issue before.


    Yesterday it was fine again.


    Today I am getting into a LOT of 1 bar lobbies. It COULD be the MS maintenance they are doing today.

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      Just started for me yesterday. My ping is still perfect at 25ms at 200 miles 87ms at 1800 miles 1 ms jitter no packet loss. Keeps putting me in the under 50ms games but room is filled with mostly 2 and 3 bar players. Maybe 2 or 3 other 4 bar players besides myself. Seems like matchmaking is messed up.

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    I have had lag spikes since the game came out. It usually happens 1 out of every 3 games. it is due directly from people leaving the game. Most of the time it happens when multiple players leave at once. It can be frustrating when you are in the middle of battle,but most times it is not.