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Where is COD is heading and what would you like to see?

For the < 1% of people who buy COD for the single player, I'm sorry.


It looks like COD is heading towards a strictly multiplayer approach.


If I was a developer, I would be more consentrated on providing replay value to my games. This means less single player (which get boring after the 2nd time through), and more muliplayer/minigames, (such as Zombies, Combat training, Multiplayer, and Survival mode) which provide hours of fun gameplay.


Frankly, Single player eats up a a lot of room data-wise. Think about all the scripted scenes, map data, and AI scripts that go into just one level.


A better use for that space would be other maps, more guns, more minigames, more camos, etc.


In all honesty, I'd love to see a crazy multiplayer with no set theme. I absolutely loved the fact that the STG44 was in COD:4 (as the MP44).


So imagine what it'd be like to fight on Castle with a CM901, while your buddy's packing in a flame thrower.


What's your thoughts on this?

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    i would like to see the return of the gun butt melee system.  regardless of what people sy "panic knifing"  is a problem given the innevitable lag.  please note i am in no way shape or form complaining about lag

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    I'm a huge fan of the Zombie genre, not so much Treyarchs take on Zombies though.


    I'd love to see a CoD revolve around a Zombie outbreak or some sort of viral outbreak that sees world military powers trying to overcome and fight off the outbreak.


    Games like Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Dead Space, Left4Dead, etc are great but they don't play as smooth as CoD games, not even remotely close.


    Of course the Zombie aspect would be strictly single player, multiplayer would be left as it is with the exception of maps I would assume.


    I'm just tired of the typical military mission crap.


    As for multiplayer it would be great if we got a multiplayer that had nothing to do with the campaign for once. It's especially noticeable in MW games, the maps are so obviously areas of the single player mode.

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      I loved Treyarch's WAW zombies. The maps got crappy starting with Der Reise, when they gave Richtoffen a gay voice and they made it extremely linear.
      The whole story concept didn't really grab my attention.


      However, Shino Numa was cool because it gave you hints like like whole Element 113 thing harvested from the meteors.


      I wouldn't mind seeing a mashup of all the maps ever put into a COD game. I don't know how vehicles would fair, so I think its best to leave them out.


      Guns should be taken from all CODs and evened out.


      Things should be fully customizable, more camos should be made (that don't look like crap..), the title and emblem system should be revamped to incude more challenges.


      They should mix together the BO system, the MW2 system, and the MW3 system of attachments.


      Like.. you get to level 2 and get the red dot sight. You then have to buy it for $5000 You should then get 60 kills with the red dot sight to unlock the holographic sight. Then you'd have to buy it for $7500
      This would cut the max levels down to ~15; it would be harder to gain a level.


      This would definetly make it so its much harder to get the gun to the point that you want it at, but would make it so much more rewarding IMO.

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    also unicorn horn swords because lets face it that would be super op and awesoume!!!!

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    they should just do away with the campaign and extras and get the damn MP right.

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    I know plenty of people who bought MW3 just for the campaign such as:


    1) Older players who don't like MP and are story-oriented gamers.

    2) People who don't have high-speed Internet connections.

    3) People who live in certain areas where their high-speed Internet connections have limited Internet usage per month.

    4) Military service members aboard ship or overseas.

    5) Parents who let their kids play the campaign where they can control some of the content.

    6) People with certain handicaps that prevent them from playing MP where they can't control the skill level.

    7) Achievement hunters who jump from game to game just racking up their gamer score.


    Many people think that a MP-only is a good idea, but the developers know how much that would cut into their market share.

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    another idea i guess this would be more base on a new system but in the military they use id card scanners at computers to make sure your authorized for use.  why not do the same to read ages  do as they do where you simply insert your id card into the slot it scans the bar code and you HAVE to leave it in.  how many parents do you think will leave their id card at home so their screaming whining raging child can play a video game!

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      That's a bit of a stretch and too much control on the part of the gaming industry or government.  Heck, I don't even like the idea of Skylanders where your information is stored in the little figures.


      When I was in the service, I can't tell you the number of times people that worked for me forgot their CAC (common access cards or ID cards) in their computers at work and had to turn around and come back.  What made it worse was when they left base and had to go through hoops to get back through security without their ID cards.

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    I would love to see graphics like battlefield 3, dedicated servers, better weapon customization, and better maps without the same grey truck from COD4 placed randomly around the map. And this is what i would like to see. And about your singleplayer comment, i totally disagree. I think COD's singleplayer makes the games what they are, their stories are pretty great.