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  • 80. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    Creating tokens out of nothing decreases their value and weakens the economy

  • 81. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    i hate you IW :/ went on today and yes, i did the prestige token glitch. but i did it the first couple of days it was found out..i didnt think i was doing anything wrong, i mean come on its just a game FFS, and if doing a prestige glitch makes it more fun for everyone then so be it, they take this whole thing seriously. i was 3rd prestige lvl 1 when i did this glitch and i should be put back to that at the least, not back to level 1 with 10000 losses and 1000 deaths :/ i brought hardened, so either fix this or i want a full refund. im the same level as my grandad....HE DIDNT EVEN BUY IT!!!

  • 82. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    You are the one that accepted the Terms of Service for Xbox Live.  You exploited a glitch and were punished for it.  That sounds like a fair and legitimate action.  Get over it, and stop exploiting glitches.

  • 83. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    I can tell you why, you're punished harshly to make it a deterent, IW don't want you to do it!

  • 84. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    When you get double xp you don't deserve you rank higher than me, thats not fair.


    When you have all classes unlocked freely you have more loadouts for situations, thats not fair.


    When you have perks unlocked-multiple-that you can use at any level, thats not fair.


    When you get multiple high level guns at the same time to use situationally, thats not fair.




    Sounds to me that it's not just glitching, it's CHEATING. Glitching can be harmless, this isn't harmless.

  • 85. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    oh boy i wish you cheaters would give it a rest. its simole to do so the punishment is too harsh? i for one think its too light, two days off and reset your stats and for being the lame cheater you are here keep all your deaths and losses. i am soooooooo tired of all you cheaters trying to justify it, in anything cheating is looked down upon and punishable. look at mark mcguire, he broke the most coveted record in sports the most homers in a season and barry bonds has the most homeruns and both dont matter becasue they cheated to do it. gold medals get taken from cheaters, heisman trophies are taken back, wins and titles are forfieted. give it a rest cheater STEP UR GAME UP rather then depending on a glitch to get by. all you cheaters are pathetic it was fun while it lasted all that double xp having EVERYTHING at level 4!! its simple thats the most ridiculous one yet, its real simple to pull a trigger too doesnt take much effort at all really but if you pull one and kill someone you got to jail, real simple.

  • 86. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    did you cheat too??....hilarious you cheats are....

  • 87. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    the ones that need to relax are all the cheaters crying because they got their knuckles smacked with the ruler. it amazes me how all you cheaters try to justify cheating, dont you read your posts before you submit them? dont you think you sound kind of lame? dare i say STUPID?!?! hahahaha. you relax cheater take two days off and marinate on it cheater then after that good luck trying to get your wins and k/d back positive...

  • 88. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    be gone with you cheater. good riddance. if you cant understand how having double xp your entire prestige for yourself and your guns or having every gun equipment and perk unlocked at level 4 isnt cheating and unfair, you do need to be playing ghost recon. cheaters gotta love them....

  • 89. Re: Token Glitch Punishment

    you are a cheater, sad but true.

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