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ATTN: Calling all Campers! Need a clan? Join Covert Command! [PS3 & Wii]

Do you enjoy holding portions of a map just to terrorize the enemy? Do you find it funny when you receive hate mail from other players because your bad ass camping skills got them pwned! Do you run Blind Eye and Assassin with a suppressed weapon? Are you wanting to team up with other players who enjoy the same things!? If so come check us out!


We are Covert Command, a group of tactical campers who enjoy team work, communication and going for the win on any match and game mode!


We only have a few requirements: You must be at least 18, are willing to communicate in game via the PSN , Wii channels or through our dedicated Team Speak server! Do not hack, glitch or take advantage of other in game exploits in order to win a match. We play fair we win fair! If you are willing to accept these requirements come register at the site and and get your membership started!




Covert Command