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The WGL Breakdown

The WGL Breakdown Show, With Rory Price & Scorch90 from The Warped Gaming League. This match is between Bring The Rain (BTR) & Virtual Talent (vT) The maps and modes for this game are below.



1. Domination - Interchange
2. Kill Confirmed - Outpost
3. Capture The Flag - Fallen
4. Search & Destroy - Hardhat


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Also guys remember YOU The WGL community get to choose the next match, so watch the news posts on The WGL website.


Big Thanks to both BTR and vT for the footage.


BTR - www.bringtherain.co.uk
vT - www.virtual-talent.co.uk


The Warped Gaming League - http://www.thewgl.co.uk
COD Elite Group - thewgl