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Talk about your MOABs here!

I just kinda wanted to know about some peoples tactics for MOABs. Honestly, I've only gotten 1 and it's hard to even count that as one. It was on TDM on Village and it was just a bunch of split screeners who sucked. Aha. I just kept doing circles around the map with the ACR silenced pretty much. How have y'all gotten your Moabs?

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    Im trying to put a moab vid for every map on my channel. check it out.





    Theres my latest one.

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      I'll try your strategy.  Go into a game of domination and totally ignore the objective.  Oh and hopefully I'll get matched up against a team of new players.  I think I only saw one player you killed that had even prestiged. You got real lucky when a noob got a couple of shots in your back but you were able to turn on him and take him out.  Maybe you have the lag comp advantage like so many, unlike myself, have.  Do you have low quality internet?


      I can't seem to get into any matches with new players on the other team. I'm always matched up against higher prestige players and the new players are on my team.

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    I got my first one today on mission playing domination. I was trying to go for one from the offset and as soon as we had secured B and C it was hard for them to take them from us. I didn't camp, just kept check on both sides of the map with my ACR silenced and an MSR that someone was kind enough to let me have. I rushed near their spawn a few times instead of waiting for them to come to me. Specialist is definitely the way to go if you're going to try for one. My base perks were sleight of hand, hardline and dead silence. My specialist perks were assassin, sitrep and scavenger. I was glad to finally get one. I've got 23 kills 3 times playing TDM with my Striker so it was a bit of a relief when it finally happened.

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    My first one was on Dome playing Team Defender when the game first came out. Everyone was still noobs and I was like SWEET! Was the first of my friends to get one then after that I got another one on Bakaara also another one can't remember what map it was on. After that I think I went 9 prestiges until I got another one. It was a dry spell but recently my friends and I will play domination or just not hold the flag on Team Defender and spawn trap. I got one tonight playing on Bootleg with a Pecheneg. It was sweet, I haven't gotten one in a few days and finally got one. I think I have 5 in my 10th prestige not sure how many I need for the title or emblem.

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    I've gotten 27 MOAB's  gotten one on evry map exept downturn.


    -Use spesilist kills streak


    Class I use


    P90 silencer


    scorpion akimbo


    semtex/ C4




    exstream cod




    Steady aim


    Spesilist: SoH, Assasin and scavenger

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    My first was on FFA with specialist package and the MP7 in Lockdown (great for soundwhoring). My second one was on Kill Confirmed, also with the specialist package and the MK46 in Bakaara.


    Particularly proud of the second one, didn't think I'd get one with an LMG. The LMG's in this game are a lot better compared to the ones in the previous titles. Once you get all your perks they can be a beast. It's a tip to anyone who wants to try something different.

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    I seen a video about moab didnt believe it, So I split screened a private match and tried it out. Couldnt believe it. So now im going to try to actually get one in hardcore tdm!!!

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    Only recently started trying specialist.so far it's pretty fun and got 4 moabs on the first day