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K:D or LeaderBoard ??

Whats more important to you as a player your K:D or the leaderboard or maybe you could care less!

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    Leaderboard ranking means absolutely nothing in this game.  I think it was extremely stupid that you have to play everyday for multiple hours to be ranked highly.


    SPM or some variation would be better.  I've seen lots of mediocre players that have high rankings though so I'd take k/d over leaderboard ranking.

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    Would say both actually.Am always trying to improve all aspects of my stats and hopefully end up with a Honest balanced combat record .But yeah am missing SPM can only see it on elite when comparing with another player..

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    K:D is more impressive.


    However in my opinion, like in hockey, the way to tell how good a player is(in team deathmatch) is their plus/minus per game. Because....


    If a person goes 5-0 in a game they have the best K:D however if someone goes 40-5 the same game i find they benifit the team more with their + 35 as aposed to the +5.(this is in team deathmatch mainly)


    K:D is not important in some game objective based vareints. However it cant hurt to have a good K:D in capture the flag or domination.

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    neither matter to me, what is important to me is the players who help the team the most
    you went 15-29 but had alot of caps/defends while the other dude went 30-4 but didnt help in the objective at all then i would value the 15-29 player more


    the only time KD is important is when its in TDM, and even then it could be out done by a team players actions (say somebody with a lower KD but who ran the hell out of a recon drone and tagged tons of assain pro users

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      Well lets see here would you change your mind if I said maybe they were defending flages, and unlike the other guy who probably gives up a Pave Low the K/D guy gets one for your team making it easier for you to cap. You never see teams with a lot of minus players who play the objective win against killwhores. I play KC a lot so I don't ave to worry about being called a killwhore, as I do get a lot of tags, though recently in dom my score has over 100 to 1 ratio to my kills which means I've capping more flags recently. Also I play TDM so I can just kill my K/D is a 2.5 which is higher than objective games that I play in.

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    Neither wl

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    I care could care less. I do not care where I am on leaderboards. I just play to have fun, not for some silly stat that means nothing once the game is out of the console or turned off.

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    K/D & W/L in my opinion.... But not that bothered, only check if someone gets the upper hand to see if its skill or just plain luck

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      None. If you enjoy playing the game that is all that matters. No Stats are important.


      Stats and peoples desire to be first is what spoils the game. That and the endless pursuit to be 10th Prest.

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    Leaders boards are pointless in COD. I'm not even sure why they have them. Being at the top of the leaderboard doesn't mean your good. It just means you play a hell of a lot or you cheat.