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What gets you to boil in this game!

Please only pick 1 and explain why. I just want to see if one thing totally is an overwhelming problem or is it just a variety of things that get us to boil.


For me my, biggest petpeave is the death streaks. I dont get why ppl have always gotten rewarded for being killed. I dont think you should ever benefit for losing a gun fight or have more than 100% health or extra health.

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    Losing with 4000 plus XP on my team, because I don't deserve to lose then, since I probably had a higher score than the best player on the other team

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    Spawns.  They are just insane how stupid they are right now.  And what's bad is they are better than they were.  I just see some of these spawns and I go how does anybody or any programer think this is a legit and good spawn. Mind Blowing.


    Kinda unlegit is just the general way alot of people decide to play this game.  Not saying everybody has to play my way or shouldn't do this or that.  But I have just seen more and more players trying to find the most douchey way they can play.  I guess why it really gets me is this is the fourth title of COD I have played and it seems to get worse everyday. Oh well my little mini rant.

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    If I had to pick just one? Lag.




    I clearly (as clear as 360p will show, anyway) put 3 bullets into the guys head and get absolutely nothing for it. Then I don't even get a hitmarker hitting a guy with C4. It blows up under his fkn feet! It was tolerable for a while, but since this last patch to fix the spawns, the lag has gotten worse.


    The other stuff in this thread is legit, too.

    - Deathstreaks are BS and have no place in any game.

    - The spawns could still use some work. Seems to have a little more logic, just not enough spawn points.

    - The crap support. One guy answering 1 out of 400 questions is garbage.

    - Split screeners. JFC, those guys suck.

    - The constant air support after promises of more "gun on gun play"

    - The XM-25 in hardcore

    - The lack of hardcore options

    - The pic of the X button that hides the "NEW" green icon when you unlock something.

    - Not making the objectives/gamer tags transparant when you ADS

    - The music in core

    - The shotguns are a joke.

    - Not being able to render PS3 vids in HD

    - "MONTHLY DLC INCLUDED"...just not the first two months (or 3 for PS3)

    - The length of time it takes to throw up a UAV. It's probably 3 times longer than it was in COD4

    - The crappy maps

    - The crutches. HBS, scrambler, radar, etc

    - The fact that you don't earn camo any more. This is espically stupid when it comes to the gold. Used to have to get 250 headshots with 7 different guns for the gold AK. That's 1750 headshots. I think you should have to get 2000 with each gun you want to get gold with. At least.

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    Lag Compensation. Should need no explanations. ITS UNPLAYABLE. Every match unplayable, always behind. Ridiculous!


    They have released 7? updates fixing lag compensation and still large part of community cant play at all.

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    -no option to turn music off

    -cant turn off aim assist



    -shotties are garbage (minus op striker)

    -m16 is useless

    -explosives are a joke

    -built in commando

    -ADS doenst hide objecitves

    -robert bowling

    -lag compensation

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    Why Pick one, when you can explain the whole game? lol.




    I traded in my game- Reason behind it all. Yeah the game was awesome first of I was stoke that I got it, it was different from Black ops with the tags and everything else, the Elite, is awesome, you can change your weapons with the elite. Though, however.. upon viewing and replaying over and over again it got boring.. -_-;;


    So Black ops is better. (Pretty Much) [it has Zombies]


    MW3 it has more damn boosters/cheaters, you think rules will stop people from boosting? There is about more then 1 million people in the whole world that probably cheat/boost-


    I'm more addicted to Skyrim -_-;

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      only thing that pisses me off is lag idc about crapy spawns cuz every1 gets sum1 to spawn behind have probably also has done the same 2other players and idc about over powerd guns i snipe i only need 1shot if i miss i die.


      also ppl who us a lag switch because im sure 70% of the lag is just that.

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    Losing out on several levels due to the game "corrupting my file" Honestly nothing gets me more ready for the day to find out I lost fours for absolutely jack all.

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      EVERYTHING i use to love this game, but after tonight i ******* hate this game


      lets start

      1. EVERYTHING EXPLODE AND KILLS (cept semtex,gernades etc)

      2. flash/stuns/smokes KILL (sometimes it hink they're strong than semtex and gernades heh go figure)

      3. attack helicopters/pave low you'll be in DOME........chillin in the house............in the way back where its dark, where theres no light...............then BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG wtf!? you go check how it shot you and therse a lil thin line crack in the wall/ceiling and it precisely nailed you....................gay

      4. obvoiusly spawns, spawn.....guy is running by right when you do DEAD, or today my favorite, die, spawn (barrel explode) spawn WTF?, or my favorite SPAWN oh a guy! i love this spawn system! oh wtf theres like 3 - 4 more, ******* GAY (yea you spawn in the enemy's spawn

      5.  pred missles - for me, and i should start recording for vid proof.....

      1st pred kills me, 20 seconds later, another pred kills ME, 20 seconds later ANOTHER ONE KILLS ME 4th one "im on the outsides of the map, and its hovering over my team thats all cluttered im safe.................WTF!?!?!? REALLY KILLS ME!


      i hate the knife cause it gets right of way over anything that kills.......a really bad example is when using G18... you'll see a guy runing at you fire and you probably shoot 10 bullets with G18's, you hear the hit markers but he knifes you.......RIGHT

      Same with T95 your using a SMG high fire rate, see the guy hip fire his FACE he fires 1 shot you die go T95


      i think thats it for now, i'll be back wen i remeber its late...

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    Activision no explanation needed

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    the type 95 makes me rage occasionaly. most assault rifles take 4 shots to the body to kill. unless its close range. this gun no matter the distance takes 3 which is equal to on touch of the R1 button. most the people that use them sit behind something and camp and there isnt **** you can do.    


    another thing is akimbo machine pistols. was playing against a dude the other night that was using both guns. fuckin noobs

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    Definitely, how this game decides what are fair teams. I understand when there is a clan or a party in a certain room. Are you kidding me though when I am playing in Mercenary Playlist and there are full team of people that have prestige and I am with 5 other idiots that are like level 40 and below.


    and How Xbox elite members get the new **** before us...

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      campers in KC knifeing system my knife will be in some dudes chest but yet he kills me any akimbo guns thats just so damn noobish shotguns exspecially the striker n weapons that are over powered n getting stuck with people that dnt know how to play KC i got 4500 points n we still lost because everyone was going for just kills i dnt think they know u need to get the tags to win ******* noobs

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    The continuation of feeding sub standard internet users and the leeches who get to eat off other people's connections. Period...everything else is trial and pathetic when it comes to online gaming. Performance is Almighty.

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    Match making system!!!   Lag is awful, we all know that from experience, but the matching system brings me to swearing quicker than anything else. 


    Popping into games at the very end, sometimes as the match actually ends.  Zero consideration for player skill so you end up with one player running the map every single game.  Being tossed into a losing team match.  Looking/waiting for players comment as you wait forever.   The difficulty in joining a game with a friend.  Joining a game where the connection equality is completely lopsided.  Etc.


    It just seems that very little thought went into this portion of the game code.  (that statement seem to apply to WAY to many portions of the game. How sad is that?)

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    There are two things that piss me off to no end.  First is akimbo machine pistols.  I wish they would get rid of them or reduce the rate of fire.  Second is exploding barrels and vehicles. Why is every ******* car a goddamn Pinto.  I swear every time i'm near one some jackass gets a free kill. 

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    Being put into losing lobbies.


    So many other things bug me, but none make me want to stop playing. The instant I'm dropped into a game where there's no hope I lose the urge to play. Which is probably why I'm just barely about to hit the three day mark since launch.


    It's just so damn annoying to be punished because the team you're on dropped the ball. I had no say in the outcome of the game and contributed no deaths to the KS that killed me as soon as I spawned into a new game.