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In Game

1. Increase Damage To Nades

2. Make Flags / Bomb Signals Transparent when zooming

3. Decrease Damage to shotguns

4. Sound Options ( Let Us TAKE OFF GAME MUSIC ) ( We Like to hear foot steps )



Bring New Types Of Lone Wolf Challanges.

Make Options For Clan Ranking System ( Leader , Co-Leader ,Captins,Members  and recruiters )



just some stuff off the top of my head i would like to see changed.

if any1 has any ideas post em up

  • Re: Suggestions

    as stated in a previous post explosion damage needs to be more realistic I absolutely agree.


    Shotguns are generally under powered except the striker which seems to have sniper rifle range!


    hip fire needs nerfing


    something needs to be done about modded controllers. I know some ppl will say they shoot the mk14 legit but come on check out some sites you can get the mk14 to shoot 9rounds in one second NOBODY can trigger finger that fast