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Killcam: People who want them, you aren't missing anything.


     I originally started playing CoD on the xbox. Sure, we had more stuff, but I still find the wii more fun.

One thing they did that was great was removing killcams!


Imagine trying to snipe, and be perfectly stealthy. So you have assasin on, blind eye, and a a suppressed sniper and pistol. Now imagine you getting killed by a guy. He watches that killcam and knows exactly where you were. And since their are very little spots to snipe on in MW3, chances are you will probably stay there.

     Killcams are like a free death streak (revenge.) I wouldn't want killcams even if wii could support it. True, its anti camper, but its also takes the fun out of sniping. Sure, some times you wanna know how you were killed, but in the end it just ruins the fun for people who enjoy sniping. (Nt quickscoping, but sniping. Hardscoping.)


Killcams arent what they are cracked up to be :/

Let me know what you guys think. (It still isnt going to happen )