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BAM -  DUTCH / ENGLISH  CLAN IS RECRUITING TODAY! - PS3 - level 5 - clan tag & emblem - 35 members (6 founders) - All mic - Serious - Clan Ops specialists - Join today!


BAM Dutch clan is recruiting, Everyone is welcome! Ps3.

So we are recruiting and everyone is welcome!


We have 33 active members already,( 6 Founders.) We play serious and we always want to win ! No fooling around but only serious killing and a lot of laughing


We play most of the time:


Kill Confirmed


Groundwar (full party!)





Languages: English / Dutch


If u have a mic it would be nice!


We all have founder status but if u dont, it doesn't matter.  We have the intention to grow big en play almost every challenge out there!


So search BAM in the clan section on elite,  Send me a message here or in game if u want to get in!


I will send u an invite!


PSN:  ric82online