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Online play with people who aren't playing effectively

Dudes, what is up with people not playing like a unit on team defender and drop zone. It seems when a clan gets on they are a one nit against a non clan oppenent, we truly suck. what they hey, can some one give me some advice

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    The clan plays well because they play together. You can never expect public lobbies to be focused as a team. Half the people don't have mics, so that takes them out of the game as far as I'm concerned, the other half are already in a party with one other person and they can't hear your anway. The only way to be truly successful is to play with 5 people you actually know and can communicate and work together as a team, or if you're lucky and you do find a lobby with people that are like minded. I love playing drop zone, hit me up and I'll work with  you


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    I agree, I have reached the point were I really dont enjoy playing all that much unless it is with my clan mates or friends, Between guys running around with no clue or the guy who would rather hide in a corner to go 7-0 it gets tough joining a lobby of randoms. Plus I really hate playing as a single only to join a match spawn and have the match end thus taking a loss. On the other side of that coin, playing as a clan is so much more fun because you get to go against those people not playing as a team which leads to a much higher win percentage.