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The most ridiculous / funny thing you have heard someone say while playing MW3


The Best ones usually come from a frustrated reaction to something in the game.


A couple of great ones I have heard, have come from my mates.


the first sceanario was he was shooting the enemy, got a couple of hit marks but the guy manages to escape round a corner and he blurts out "HOW HAVE YOU ESCAPED MY CLUTCHES"  like some disappointed evil villain after the protagonist has escaped.


the second was your bog standard 1 on 1 fire fight and my mate loses and he just shouts "ARRRRRGGHHH YOUR BETTER THAN ME" Seldom is the occasion when someone is beaten and angrily admits he was just outskilled, instead of blaming lag, game mechanics, OP guns etc.


another ridiculous thing I have heard was we were playing S&D as a clan, so we were in game chat and we were against another clan, so we'e messing about 3 of the team were rolling with snipers just general running about 360ing random jumping, hopeless no scope attempts, while the rest of us were just playing normally.


anyway we start winning and this kid starts giving it the big talk "aww if we wernt sniping (i think 2 of their team were sniping) we would be raping you" his endless trash talk goes on for a while, on the last round I die pretty early on after killing this guy, once im dead he starts going on again how good they all are really, so i just casually respond "if you're so good, how come you're dead?" this sets him off and he then threats me saying "ommg JEadz I'm going to hack your router and disable your internet, burn it out so you can't fix it etc" since I work in I.T I found this somewhat more hilarious.


anyway TL;DR? whats the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard someone say while playing this game,