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Specialist Kill Streaks

Right Forum members.


I see alot of people playing this game and getting MOAB things. They tend to use the Specialist kill streak.


So I want to know whats the best perks for it and in what order would you have them?


Many thanks.

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    I actually only run 1 perk on specialist.  Normal perks I have SOH, Hardline, Dead Silence then for Specialist just quick draw or assassin depending on map.

    I only run 1 perk because after lots of testing if you run just 1 you get your Specialist bonus earlier.  After 7 kills you unlock all the perks just like normal and this helps to get some long killstreaks going.


    Not managed to get a MOAB yet (probably because of my playstyle and im not amazing) but have had a few 21 kill streaks.


    Good luck


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      If you run all six how many kill do you have to get for Specialist  Bonus?


      I did not even know you get all of the Perks.


      Thanks for the info.

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      running one is a complete waste... dont be like this guy.


      this is what you do


      1st perk: SOHpro

      2nd perk: HARDLINEpro

      3rd perk: DEAD SILENCEpro


      1st kill= ASSISANpro

      3rd kill= SITREPpro

      5th kill= SCAVANGERpro


      7th = UR NOW A One Man Army..

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        Superb am going to be playing round with this all night tonight....


        Thank you iFCW.

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        You say it is a complete waste but have you tried it?

        I aggree it wastes not having 2 perks for you kills, the the points that you get seem to be more when i run just 1 i start to get the specialist bonus after 2-3 kills instead of 5-6.

        I got this tip from someone else on the forum for getting xp quicker and it works for me.


        I could be completely wrong but it seems to work.  But for you just looking for MOAB then running all 3 would probably be best.

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          I run Specialist and I have no idea what you are talking about?


          Regarding the Specialist Bonus, the point in which you receive ALL the perks, the only thing that is going to make a difference is whether or not you have Hardline assigned anywhere.


          It requires an 8 point streak to gain the Specialist Bonus.  If you have Hardline at any point then it will only be an 7 point streak.  Leaving perks or Specialist spots unassigned has no effect on that.  The earliest you will achieve the bonus is in 7 kills.


          For the record:


          I run Extreme Conditioning, Hardline, Stalker and I'm always alternating my Specialist perks but for the most part they start off with Assassin, Sleight of Hand, and Quickdraw.  I'm always switching those up though.

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    colrolo wrote:


    Right Forum members.


    I see alot of people playing this game and getting MOAB things. They tend to use the Specialist kill streak.


    So I want to know whats the best perks for it and in what order would you have them?


    Many thanks.

    You get specialist after 3 kills when only using one perk? Hmm I doubt it but i will try it.

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      You dont get all 7 perks, what you get is the bonus XP.


      I read it from this thread and it seems to work.



      I could be completely wrong but seems to give me more XP.

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        All the info on this is much appreciated. I have never used this kill streak so am going to have a good run with it tonight.

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        If you are referring to coderedonfire  I think you are misunderstanding him.  You dont get bonus XP, you get points towards the Specialist Bonus.  By running Hardline it is only going to take you 7 kills/points to get the Specialist bonus vs. eight kills/points.

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          Thanks avngr9

          Maybe I am just going mad.

          When im playing and use 3 perks once you get your 7 kills and unlock all perks you then get some bonus XP for every other kill.

          When I run 1 perk then after the first kill I then get some bonus XP every other kill not just when I get all the perks.


          If someone could try it out would appreciate it and let me know if im just mental, and if I am I promise to check myself in to the clinic in the morning.

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            No you're right spallan these ding dongs don't know what they're talking about. I used the 1 perk specialist to rank up so much faster. You start getting specialist bonus (200 points per kill) at 3 kills instead of 7.


            On topic, since I'm 10th now I don't need the xp anymore so I run what would be best for a certain class.


            On an example SMG run 'n' gun class:


            Stinger (for XP and shooting down UAVs)
            Sleight of Hand

            1. Quickdraw 

            2. Scavenger (because ammo usually runs thin at this point)

            3. Extreme Conditioning (or perk of your choice, any works well here)


            Even though some people will tell you not to use Sleight of Hand as your first perk in default, I use it anyways to have a quick switch to a stinger missile if there are UAV's in the air as opposed to having to get a killstreak to have quick switch and reload faster.

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    Assuming you're going the traditional specialist route, I would suggest you start with:


    - (Something you like OTHER than slight of hand)

    - Hardline

    - (Anything you like)


    Set Slight of Hand as your First Perk, this way you can take advantage of something like Blind Eye or maybe Extreme Conditioning right away. You dont NEED slight of hand until you've used some bullet and need to reload and that only happen after your first kill anyway.


    That is unless you really want something else in your Tier 2 slot, but I NEVER run assasin because I don't care if people can see my on radar, I'll kill them just the same.

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    I only use specialist on my LMG (MK46)






    Quickdraw/Sleight of Hand/Assassin


    Slap on extended mags on your LMG and you have a killing machine.

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    Sometimes I like to do Hardline as first perk, and quick draw the first one to obtain.

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    I use this tactic on a couple different classes, and it works pretty well.  My class set up is as follows:


    ACR w/ Attachments, ACOG, Silencer

    XM25, Frag, Flash

    Bline Eye



    Specialist streak order - Assassin, Quickdraw, Sleight of Hand


    Using hardline, you will unlock Assassin after one kill, and all perks after seven.  I put SOH in the third position, because depending on accuracy, you may need to swith weapons after that time.  I have gotten quite a few MOAB's with this class.  My best match with this class was 49-0.

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    I got one MOAB using only specialist and the skorpion, worked quite well:


    Normal perks;


    PERK 1: Scavenger

    PERK 2: Hardline

    PERK 3: Stalker


    unlock perks;


    PERK 1: Blind Eye

    PERK 2: Assassin

    PERK 3: Quickdraw


    I get the bonus all the time running this, my primary is the CM901 with a silencer; gun turns deadly with stalker on, the skorpion I think is better than the other secondaries, I love the thing.