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damn this game sucks.......

yeah this is a rant post so what suck it. after spending 100 bucks on a game and elite i think everyone deserves to know WTF?!!!? they ruined this game.


examples you say?


wtf ricochet? on all modes? really? now the intentional TKers are replaced by the douches that just purposely run in front of you while youre firing knowing they cant get killed so teamates are still gettting screwed. hey dumbshits why the **** dont you just get rid of friendly fire and keep the increased bullet damage to still make it somewhat hardcore.




worst maps ever. everything is congested to the point that it just makes people camp behind cover and toob, frag or rocket everything. bullshit terrain items blocking bullets and pojectiles. ie......a single fern leaf that maybe takes up an 1/2 inch on my screen blocks my semtex, a guy is hiding beind chainlink fence and my bllets get deflected, i drop to reload behind a pallet of cinder blocks and he shoots me through it with a fuckin machine pistol?


these maps are basically all flat, no cool **** to climp up on or around. no interactive terrain features like black ops. most of these maps look just like mw2 maps or some cheap copies of black ops maps. now im not sure who made it first but the french city map looks way too much like the bf3 map. really no creativity at all. id rather have maps from mw2 to play on. at least those maps were 3d and had a lot of intricate paths and routes for most of the maps. the maps we have now are rediculous. most of them allow you to run for about 3 seconds and b in frag or toob range.




do we really need a magazine fed grenade launcher that has a scope? most of the assualt rifles are so similar in stats that none really have their own flavor. of course the only semi you gotta wait a while to get and the m16 is just horrible now. plus some gun stats make no sense.......3 pistols with the same stats??? thanks....the snub nosed 357 pistol has more range and power than a .44 magnum and .50 desert eagle? why have both the fmj and g18? can i get my raffica back please?


i will say i really do think the gun leveling and the perks/attachments is great.




they need to implement the timer at begining of matches for nades and tubes. i aint gonna lie i take advantage of it not being in this game. but that doesnt make it good for the game.


stop spwing people in front of me while im shooting plz kthnx.


please remove support. stop making this game watered down and easy for 10 yr olds.


do we really need 10+ cars/terrian/items in each quadrant of the map that can explode by all the random toobs and nades?


i could go on an on.....


anyone else wanna add ? lol