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Drop Zone(xbox) members needed

I'm in need of players to join a clan of sorts.

Any one who's played one game of drop zone knows that not everyone plays the objective.  I'm just looking for people to play strategically with.



-Willing to listen to suggestion and be a team player

-15+ and a mature attitude

-preferably a +1 kd, but not required

-not whine

-casual gamer with a serious attitude

-play mw3 most weekends, especially friday


I usually don't play weekdays so take it as you will


Contact me by responding to this post or sending a friend request and message to my GT.


GT: phat grish

  • Re: Drop Zone(xbox) members needed

    Hey hows it going getting members?? we are starting one also that is kinda all about drop zone , maybe you can join us ??  YOU BACK OUT is our name ,   just have a few people right now.   we have a 3.5 win ratio for the last week,  


    gamertag marcusbwilliams  if your on  lets play some time.