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Looking For New Clan Members!!!!! (XBOX 360)

I have started a fresh new clan and am currently looking for members! This is a competitive/fun clan! This clan once gotten up and started will have all the bells and whistles! Once the clan has gotten started I will be setting up a youtube channel for quickscope montages and team tages, not only that but will also have a competitive gamebattles team for clan battles and to get recognition in the MLG community. So if you want to jump on the train thats headed for success(not trying to sound cocky) then hit me up for a clan invite on xbl or on this post! My gamertag is Lgit Alakazam i hope to hear from my future clan mates soon! Our goal is to help Ashe "Catch 'Em All" by getting members that fill up the original 151 pokemon! So let me know if you are interested in joining and help the cause!


Edit: It doesnt matter what gender,age,skill you are, all are welcome in the clan. The main focus is fun but if we get recognized and get sponsored thats just as well