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xXDRTYXx Tournament starts wednesday 18th Jan AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND


xXDRTYXx is having a tournament starting wednesday 18th jan 8.30pm nz time. we have 10 teams from xXDRTYXx going at it we are a new zealand and australian team with others from around the world in the team but tournament for those 2 countries due to the lagg crap. we would like to extend this offer to other teams if you want to join the tournament message me on here or my psn user or clan wall. Tournament: each team plays each other in 5 games winner getting 2 points bonus point for 5-0 win now top two teams after all teams have faced of go straight to semis then the next four teams face of in the quarters to gain a spot in the semis with winners going to grandfinal. so you have two days to put your team forward if your keen k. this is the first tournament so depending how big it gets and how well it goes we may have more and eventually get something in return beside the tittle k. look foward to hearing from you all thanks .........................