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COD Zombie game/campaign?

I just had the idea that it would be pretty awesome if the next upcoming CoD game would revolve around the zombie maps from World at War, and Black Ops and Treyarch would incorporate it somehow to a single player campaign?


From looking through the Call of Duty Zombies Wiki it appears that there is suppose to be some sort of story behind the zombie maps and I was thinking it would be better to understand and follow through a zombie campaign since I, along with many others probably have no idea what the true purpose of zombies really is. I know that many people prefer doing zombies as opposed to the normal multiplayer and there are a large amount of zombie fans so I am sure they would enjoy this, but it would be a different change for the Call of Duty Franchise so maybe other people would get upset for this change in game style, but it could be a great opportunity risk.


For the multiplayer instead of having the normal team deathmatch/free for all, or the standard game modes that Call of Duty has always had/other fps have, this game could feature just humans vs zombies? It can be similar to the Resistance multiplayer gamestyle where you just have 2 opposing sides just fighting but in a new different way? Also, BF3 is a huge rival to the MW3 franchise and from some of the personal reviews which may have been biased towards BF3 all mentioned that COD really doesn't have many new changes to the gameplay style, and MW3 is considered MW2.5 since it doesn't feature really anything new. Maybe by doing some sort of massive zombie multiplayer where the humans fight the zombies and have to kill 1 certain zombie and the others have to protect it - similar to team juggernaut, or the humans have to destroy the zombie nest similar to Demolition?


This whole idea might be a shot in the dark but I personally think it would be interesting and it could be a unique change to the Call of Duty Franchise, or it could be sold as it's own new game. If you look at all the new games coming out now, a good chunk of them revolve around zombies so zombies do have a great hype and World at War took the gamble of Nazi Zombies and it made a great impact now to gamers so why not further pursue the opportunity?


Let me know what everyone thinks and please feel free to put your 2 cents in.