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looking for a PS3 clan

PSN: buzzkill80

KDR: 2.13 at the moment

Win %: 60%

Rank: Prestige 6 level 26



I normally play TDM but like to play domination and kill confirmed too. My style is to rush unless i find that I'm getting killed more than killing and then i switch to a play style that is more effective. I recently left a clan because the leader went MIA all of a sudden. I was an administrator for them. I will be active on the website forums and in game. I live in North Carolina so i play between 5pm-12am eastern time.on weekdays and after midnight on fridays and saturdays when i play. I am a founder but i have already given my xp boost to my previous clan. Thanks for reading!

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    invite sent

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    ive been looking to join a clan for a few days now and nobodys gettin back with me. my k/d is 1.71 duty is all i play all. i just want to take advange of having this preimum elite to level up a clan maybe you could help me out if somebody get with you like said i have had no luck and im ready to get down thansk stunnin77 im on ps3

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    join wog force, ask them for invite

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    Allstars Gaming is currently recruiting members. We are a small clan of dedicated players on the PS3 console. We rely on superior communication and gaming tactics to ensure victory. We play a variety of game modes, but most often play domination, tdm/kill confirmed. We also participate in GB’s and MLG tournaments as well as fun lobbies.


    All our clan leaders and the majority of members have win loss ratios above or near 10.0, as well as kill/death ratios around 2.0. As you might guess we do have some rather strict requirements, but this is only because we are seeking the best of the best players out there.




    1.5 kill/death ratio

    Gaming Headset with Microphone – (Trittons, Turtle Beachers, Astros….)

    Skype – (Since MW3 Chat is terrible, we communicate in game over Skype)

    Call of Duty Elite - Premium not required, but highly preffered

    Winning attitude – Winning is everything no matter the cost


    Apply at the link below. Register for the site, go to the forum, fill out an application and come join the Allstars!



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    I have a clan, and i'm looking for some mebers add me FaMe-HyPzZ

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    Sent an Invite Were looking for members with 2.00 + KD and Premium account we play mostly team death but also dom and kill confirmed you'd be a great fit with EliteGamingOps!

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      Join mine. We dont have a real high KD (1.54), but we hardly lose

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        Infamous Assassins Recruiting for XBOX 360 & PS3Infamous Assassins is a multi-platform clan that does not care about age but on maturity. We focus on having a core group of members that will always be online to game with, or on the forums to talk to.

        We focus mainly on Call of Duty and Battfield Series, but we will have a number of members on other games like Halo, Gears of War, Socom & Killzone Series. We are looking for members and leaders to lead our members.

        We accept members from all over the world. We dont care if your from America, Europe, Asia or somewhere in between. All are welcome.

        Here are some of the thing that go on in the Infamous Assassins:

        >> Weekly Game Nights to meet new members

        >> An active chatbox with people to always talk to

        >> A mature group of members always online to play with

        >> Tournaments with prizes for the winner and good performances

        >> Gamebattles Team for members that are into competitive gaming

        >> A progressive ranking system for our active members

        >> An active forum with new topics every day

        >> Updates for the newest and hottest games out

        >> Random Give Aways of microsoft points / XBL gold memberships and PSN cards!

        >> Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter

        So come check us out at www.InfamousAssassins.com and fill out an application. If you need any help or have problems please reply to the post or PM me. Thanks for taking the time and checking us out. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    I am a representative from Sons of Anarchy. (SoA) We are a mature group of gamers on PS3. We have a few minor requirments.


    You MUST:


    Be 18+

    Have a mic

    Be friendly, we just want to have a good time after all.


    To us, KDR doesnt matter all that much. We are more focused on W/L ratio. Though a high KDR is nice, we are looking for team players rather then a lone wolf. (Im sure you can all agree about people who play domination like a TDM. But we play everything, not just objective game modes.)


    We have a cod elite clan which can be found here: (Our official clan site out numbers our elite clan by like 80 people)




    If you would like to join, it is mandatory you to join our clan site.