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Error During Initialization ?

Hey everyone, please bare with me as I am coming from COD United Offensive!


I just got MW3 and installed it and all that including the Steam (Hope that was a good idea) and when I tried to play multi-player it gives me the following error while trying to load the multi-player


Video card or driver doesnt support UBYTE4N Vertex data


Can anyone point me in the correct direction that I need to take to resolve this please?


Thanks everyone and cannot wait till I can play this.

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    Done a little research and seems like I may need a better video card


    Some specs are as follows:


    Dell Inspiron Desktop 530

    Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E4500 @ 2.2 ghz

    1 gig ram

    As far as video card I am pretty sure its a integrated one, when I looked in system devices it said "Legacy Video Capture Device" but no specs, if someone can tell me how to find the specs of it I will for you and post it.


    I also went on Dells website and put my product code in and looked up video and it said this


    Display AdaptersIntel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family 128Mb



    If I need a new card, what's a decent one to get for a good price? I looked and there's so many out there its confusing me!


    Thanks again

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      Yes your card is the "128mb nVidia Geforce 8300GS".

      As far as I can see from the Foxconn website for the motherboard (which is a G33M02 fyi), you can get a GFX-card that supports PCIe x16...which is basically any card. Based of this forum post on Tom's Hardware I will also suggest either the HD5770 or one of the GTX460. Those are two are some great cards compared to mine and mine already hits 90fps. Granted I do have a quad-core and 8Gb of ram.


      side-note: It wouldn't hurt to upgrade your ram too ^^ call dell and have them get specific details about what can be fitted in there and then buy your own (or post again here).