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For you guys Complaining about support package!

Why do you guys complain about it?

Don't give me that cause bad players can get a emp bs cause really if they are bad they shouldn't be able to get it in the first place!

And do you want to know how to stop them? Here's a idea kill them as much as you can so they won't get kills god. And if they cap in Dom enough times then your team sucks. And for people playing the objective it's just better using support not cause we,re "bad" because we're trying to cap A,B or C or holding the flag or whatever and more chances of dying. If we didn't have support package in this game I would foucs on kills only because that's the only way I could help by getting killstreaks before. And then we got the stealth bomber...wtf is wrong with you guys I'm sure you all have blind assist on since you all complain about it. I don't use it by I can tell with my ears if one is coming and I'll run for cover.


And I have more to say about you people complaining but I'll stop for now cause off this site making my cell lag.

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    Why are you so angry?  Really?  Your whole post/question comes across like your looking to start a fight.  Some on here will just shout troll, others will attack you back but me?  I'm thinking you might need counselling to deal with your anger issues.

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    Cool story bro.

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    I 100% agree with the OP.  The people who are "supporting" their team, people who are focused on the objective, the ones who are solely responsbile for winning, the ones who carry their camping a$$ teammates, should be rewarded.  Not the camping retards who sit in a corner and don't focus on the objective.

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      Well said OP. I have zero problem with the support package. Not everyone is going to be able to stay alive long enough to get high pointstreaks. You have to remember people of all skill levels play this game. If you want a hardcore experience you're playing the wrong series- for several years now COD has been all about catering to everybody.


           Why people complain about this and deathstreaks is a mystery to me. I mean you have to be a real d-bag to do so.


         Oh and for the record, I run Specialist in the 3 classes I use.

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        Support class is for people who suck and can't build up a real kill streak. They put this in to keep peoples interest in the game who are not very good. Good strategy but annoying results. Next topic.

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          you're wrong dude. the support class was developed for guys like me, who in black ops ran counter-uav, uav, blackbird as my killstreaks so i could better play the objectives and HELP my team. there are two types of players (obviously but i seem to have to explain it), offensive and DEFENSIVE players. the support killstreaks are for defensive players.


          mostly i see the guys who are pissed as either A) the run and gun guys who use either the striker or the dual fmg9s, running wildly out in the open of the map, who get pissed when a stealth bomber comes in and ruins their killstreak or B) the corner campers running assassin who just sit there waiting for their cheap kill to walk by, shoot them then move 5 feet to their next camping spot who get outsted by either the recon drone, or a well placed stealth bomber or my personal favorite, a guy who got the juggernaut suit, heard you were camping in a spot and came over to dish out some payback... all ruining your killstreak.


          i love guys like you. you call in a helicopter, reaper or pavelow and i take it out of the sky before it even gets off it's first shot. i can almost hear you screaming in your mom's basement.

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            Actually, I find that you need to use one playstyle to get the pointstreaks, which cater to a completely different playstyle.


            There are three playstyles in MW3: "offensive", "support", or "defensive", also known as lone wolf.  For Assault strike package you need a defensive playstyle to build strikes which all have purposes built for offense.  For Support strike package you don't get reset so you should use an offensive playstyle to build up as many points as possible while as the name says the strikes are all good for support.  For Specialist you need to use a supportive playstyle as you need to get all the kills yourself so you should pay attention to your team's positions, spawns, use teamwork if possible and this is because all strikes are defensive and provide only passive benefits while you need to go out and get the kills yourself.


            A chart to illustrate my point, in the format of "playstyle to get strikes -- playstyle strikes cater to".


            ASSAULT: defensive -- offensive

            SUPPORT: offensive -- support

            SPECIALIST: support -- defensive

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          I think it's funny how people immediately think that by using the support package it somehow makes you infinitely better or worse at the game. Or better yet that it can take a bad player and help them do well.

          I've never understood this concept. MW2 had probably the most 'noob' friendly KS setup of any game yet. Atleast in MW3 you have to put together a fair number of kills to get stuff in the Assault and Support packages. In MW2 it was basically a race amongst everyone to get to five kills and once that happened the **** hit the fan.


          I don't 'suck' and I think the support package was a great addition. The only thing I would change is only giving one flare at most to the recon drone but other than that I see no problems with it.

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    I am by no means a bad player, not saying I'm the best but I'm about average. I am very objective based. If I have to run through gunfire to cap B then so be it, I'll do it for the team because I'm not a selfish player. I am fully aware they are TEAM games and that getting the highest killstreaks out are not a priority. However, if I have to die 5 times to try and cap B, hell yeah I wanna be rewarded for my efforts, especially when no one else will help cap. I think the support package is a great idea. Also rewarding players for removing air support (which usually gets me shot, but benefits my team in the long run) is a brilliant idea. Not much point running an assault strike package if I am supporting my team and giving us the best chance possible to take out the win. Bad players can't hit the likes of an EMP or Escort Airdrop, only if you keep blindly running at them. Be aware of your surroundings, people. Then you'll find it's not such a problem.

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    No problems here. I run the support package on half my classes, the other half are set on the specialist package. Support is great for domination play. I run AUAV, Stealth Bomber, EMP. The EMP usually comeas at a great time too, because thats when the enemy seems to want to put up all their air support and call in care packages and such. TONS of XP when you blow down a few helis at one time.