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Dark Syndicates Recruiting!!!

Dark Syndicates is a U.S. & Xbox only clan, we want mature players so u must be atleast 14 years of age or older. We are still kinda starting out & therefore trying to grow. We have plans to get into GB once we get more people plus we'll hold tournaments sometimes where u can win prizes (xbl membership, CoD elite, Microsoft points, etc.). We mainly play MW3 & BF3. We have no concern for your k/d, we want people that would be willing to sacrifice maybe dieing sometimes for the good of the team, that brings up our main point... we want our members to have great communicating skills & teamwork, if everyone's working together then there's that one guy that just completely ignores everyone else to get a good k/d they probably won't last long in the clan, lol. We have great friends in the gaming community that let us participate in their events from time-to-time, so if u want to have fun, make friends & be part of the best CoD/BF gamers then join Dark Syndicates, xDSx, visit our website & fill out an application form under the recruitment tab, after that introduce yourself in the forums & have fun!!! http://darksynn.enjin.com/