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Supposed gun nerfs?

So when are these supposed gun nerfs going to be brought into affect? I don't know about you but starting up CoD getting into a game and getting outgunned by a Type-95 and Akimbo FMG-9s is not fun. Nerfing the hipfire spread of them both did almost nothing considering you can slap on steady aim and make it about the same if not better. How bout instead of nerfing unneccessary issues we focus on the major parts. Fire rate and damage for both guns. Simple fix for the Type-95 would be reduce the damage to be more the like M16A4. That way you aren't forced to use the Type-95 just because in a gun fight you lose 95% of the time. It would also allow people to actually use the M16A4 because its more than likely the most underused gun in the entire game save for the Dragunov. Simple fix for the FMG-9 would be remove the akimbo attachment, or drop the damage/fire rate substanstially. These are very easy fixes that they're avoiding for some reason but its really making the community angry. Is this not supposed to be a game for the community? Stop counting your money and fix the issues or us players are going to play another game. Its extremely frustrating to play this game as of late because of the lack of bug fixes, gun nerfs, and all around support. This probably will get counted as another rage thread but these ideas are all valid and easy fixes guaranteed.