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I read too often, that people blame treayrch.

Guys, it's not Treyarch, it's Activisions.


Treyarch did for the whole Wii Generation a great job, delivered the best ports, even some of them seemed to be impossible. Look at it this way: Treyarch are just a guy, doing his job, and this considered fom our perspective, really good. But Activision is his Boss, he tells him what to do and what not. He says, stop patching, you and the infinity ward guy have to make every year a new call of duty. If you don't deliver, i get mad! And hell, don't tell this retarded Wii-Kids anything, so they keep their hopes up and continue playing. Look at it, we give them nothing then an half broken game and they even pay for it! So just don't bother, just ignore them... and just for the case, you wana tell them: You better don't, or we sue the hell out of you by law.


You want to blame anyone for CoDs flaws? Blame Activison! Blame them for MW 1,75 pre beta, because they hunt the devs to develop this way.Blame them for not giving us any info. Blame them for making 3 games out of one. Blame them for bugs, because they don't feel the need to give the devs enough time for QalityAssurance. Blame them for not having dedi servers for consoles in the 9th! gen of the game. Blame them for an net code from the 90s. Blame them for [insert any of the other countless failures]...


If you are conform with all or some of this points, please don't stay at complaining, do something. DON'T BUY THE NEXT COD TITLE! It's that easy. They only can do that, because we all allow it them. They deliver this BS? Just don't buy it. Believe me, THAT will hurt them and will make them think about. When some number turning from black to red, then you get their attention.


With the Wii U, i'll join EA's BF or any other shooter. There are many Devs out there, who want my money. For now, well...I've bought it. And that's my own fault. But I advise everyone who asks... or not asks NOT to buy presenting the list of flaws.


I'm really greateful for the work TheJoker did. Someone out of our community really trying to do something... to act. And I saw the responses... form Activision and the comunity. And sorry mate, i really admire you encourage, but for me it's enough now. YOu proved me what I thought all the time.


The only thing whats left, is that treyarc getting so much undeserved hate. So, don't listen to all the ok-boys. If you feel you want to complain about the flaws, which are undeniable, do it, do it everywhere you can and tell it everyone, even them, whom don't want to hear it Spam the hell out of the forums, and make sure they know why sales gona stop... but don't forget to blame the right one and also act : boycott activision...


now just ban me