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  • 110. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

    nuttin2say wrote:


    Jwstriker wrote:


    WOW KID. don't be a douche bag. i was just asking because some people i know haven't gotten banned and went all the wa to 10TH boosting nonstop.


    Who is this aimed at? You only put one other post in this thread so I don't know how you figured anyone was really responding to you.


    But whether you aimed that at me or not (since the remark came under my post), you need to drop the "kid" comment. It makes you sound like you were able to legally buy alcohol yesterday. Not to mention the fact that a good number of the men posting in these forums are old enough to remember the sparkle in your momma's eye.


    (I can't help but laugh at my own comment. I bet most peewees don't even know what that comment means!)

    I had breakfast with my wife and watched a movie no one commented on that joke since ???


    Now I am laughing too

  • 111. Re: The real impact of cheaters/glitchers/modders...

    When I first bought this game I was playing it for about a month then I was familiar enough with what normal gameplay was. Then I started to notice how rampant the cheating was. Stopped playing for about 6 months well just picked the game back up figuring they should of been able to fix most of the glitches and get rid of the dirt bag cheaters but wow there is more now than there used to be.


    I will never play this game again I lover First person shooters but I must say these damn cheaters ruined these games forever.

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