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Can you tell me about this? Because it's really pissing me off how I'm watching my S&D killcams of me freaking hitting the damn guy with my stuns, flashes, C4, grenades, semtex, noob tubes, RPG, hell, the Javelin, and not seeing them on my minimap. I mean, even if you go on youtube, I'll be curteous enough to give you the link: http://www.cod4boards.com/forum/showthread.php?345219-MW3-Recon-Doesn-t-work You'll see in the video, he gets two hitmarkers , the man is full stunned, he has blind eye assassin, and markmans, not dead silence, so tell me why I'm getting killed because that perk isn't working. Anyone can try this. oh yeah, you can stun yourself through objects apparently. Hardhat, the tube you can throw a flash in the pipe and stand on it, you'll get hit. Hard hat again, the three large pipes directly across from the pipe  I just talked about, you can throw somethingg around that corner and get hit too.