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Silent Shadows (A helpfull unique level 15 clan with 95+ members)

Silent Shadows


Silent shadows is a unique clan looking for new members to join when available. This clan offers help with challenges and help with leveling up as we can assist you with wins and kills by watching your back. We participate in all game modes and if your premium or founder you can get involved with some competitions with all our premium members in one big party.


Clan stats


Our clan stats can be found via our elite clan page.



  • K/D 'Kill death ratio' Ratio above 1.40
  • Premium or Standard
  • Good W/L 'Win loss' Ratio
  • Mature gamer
  • Good communication 'With a headset'
  • Tactical and stratigic
  • Likes to use silenced weapons (optional)
  • Respect for the clan and leaders


How to apply


head over to this url, https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/152926

Or leave a comment below with your Psn id.


Help: If you dont recive an invite from leaving a comment below refer to the link above as this post maybe old..


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