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What goes through these peoples minds?

So, Ever since DZ was released for the community playlist idea I loved it, and I can't seem to get enough of it. Infact, It has been the only gametype I've played since release, but last night I decided to play some other games just for the hell of it, figured I'd get some TDM, KC, and maybe some Domination in. BUT LOL, GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?


Camping got WORSE. I played those gametypes for a total of 3-4 hours straight, despite all the babies camping like frightened insects with strikers in their hands, and claymores basically shoved in their ass. I figured it'd clear up and I'd be able to play a legitimate game, wouldn't It? WRONG TROLL, WRONG, THIS IS CAWADOOTY.


I mean, when did camping get to be THIS out of control? When Call of Duty 4 was released so long ago, I didn't ONCE see a camper, or someone using anything overpowered because there was nothing overpowered, and potential campers didn't have a choice in the matter or else they'd get a grand total of 0 points. Why is it so bad? It's as if camping is something that can never be dealt with? In reality, it CAN be fixed and prevented simply by  cutting off parts of a certain map, or adding rules into a gametype that prevented these losers from sitting in an area for the entire match with their T-95, PP90M1, or Striker Irons focused on a doorway. All it takes is a new gametype in the playlist, "Chaos" or "Skirmish" it could be called, and it could only include the smallest possible CoD maps. I don't even care if IW brought back the good old maps like Shipment, or Rust as long as theres an actual playable gametype besides DZ, without these festering piles of camping garbage.


Anyway, for 4 hours straight, I had been switching between lobbies and modes, and every single game there were people camping in corners, with Ghost Pro Ver. 2, and the most overpowered weapons in the game. I'd really like to know what goes through these peoples minds, after buying such an expensive game either with their money, or their parents money whatever. What gives them the incentive to wedge themselves into every crack and crevice they can find, other than being absolute trash? They might see it as playing "HURR SO SMART" or "OMG SO OPERATOR TACTICOOL LOL" but in reality, they're simply bad, and they along with the MLG wannabe dropshotting quickscoping scrubs are basically adding NAPALM to an already raging kerosine inferno, otherwise known as Call of Duty.