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Skilled SnD player Looking for a clan. - PS3-    -Mw3 & Blackops-

I have a 1.46 K/D and a 2.00 W/L.


I have a mic/headset.


I communicate and call out very well.


I am one of the people who encourage my team when we are down.


Im 15 (16 in April) But im very mature.


I dont rage/whine/dashboard/Hack/Glitch.


Im capable of 1v6 clutches


Im on most of the time day/night.


Anymore info needed? Then just ask me



I will NOT Make a new PSN ID.


I will NOT tolerate Racists.


I do NOT mind Cussing or rageing but just dont take it over the edge as it is very annoying.




PSN: NecroButcher2011


Type of player: I defend on defece and rush on offence.