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take knife out.

simple... no more (PAT PAT (knife) oh wow)

just make it gun to gun.......i hate people who rush me with smg, pistol and just rush through my bullets, or with JUICED and knife me espically after i unload a couple rounds into them......


and with lag compensation in the game (no matter how TINY diff it makes) with knifing its never fair...the person who has the lag comp wins.. how many times has this happened?


you guys see each other you knife, swing, and you die.........


or you run by someone, and hes on your left (or right) and you turn and DIE....and it shows him turn way earlier and knife you....



it has to be taken out, just make it gun to gun.....


or my favorite your facing your opponent......he runs with his side to you, knifes in front of HIM and you die...........shows in kill cam


him running, he sees you and you shooting him, taking damaage, he turns and knifes and gets you.....................

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    Nah your just a fucken noob

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    It really does NOT need to be in the game. It would be mostly fixed if they make it so you cannot knife if you were just shot(for about 3 seconds or so, then resets every time you get damaged). It would take away all the BS moments where you clearly should have killed the person, but he just clicked the stick and won.

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    Bf3 has got the knifing right, where its more a humiliation move, and its way harder to do

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    The knife is a staple of COD, it isn't going anywhere.  Sounds like if you don't like it you should go play BF3...

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      The knifing isn't stable, if knifing was HARDER in cod4, bring that **** back, knifing shouldn't be EASY and a quick i got super lucky, thank god....


      no, it should be base on skill as close as it can .....


      if you run out of ammo oh well, your fawked..... pick up another gun, i have had hella games where i ran out of ammo...and i was no where near a guy that alone you know already "IM FAWKED" knifed or not.... cause everyone i just killed respawned 100% full ammo....


      and if there are guns everywhere (i know some disappear) that more logical skill involved


      you take down 1...run, take down 2 back to back, gun says click "NO AMMO" and you know peopel coming, you should be smart/quick enough to back up, pick up the gun that was dropped, and kill the next on coming enemy's........ and zabimaru......if thats your main issue, then your knife hsould not come out until both your primary and secondary are completely empy before knife comes out..........


      theres so many times i've hit people with shots, and they just charge me and knife............thats bs.......

      if no knifing won't happen, then put in 2 STABS to kill........at least this way you earned the kill by putting bullets into someone, or a teammate damaged the enemy then you knifed....thats more efficient.....


      espically on maps like seatown arkaden i love turning a corner, drawing guns, firing right when i see you, and you just go "SWIPE" and you win, even though i knew you were there, fired first... and planned to kill you, but you get lucky cause its a invicibility almost for you to win....BS!

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    the knife is fine the only times you shouldnt be able to use your kinfe is when useing akimbo weapons or during a reload

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      the knife is not fine..........

      for you to go through a barriage of gun fires, and still tag someone isn't fine..........

      to take 2 hits, and still knife isn't fine.......


      to random walk by a guy, 90 degree turn knife air and get the kill isn't fine


      the fact that all these games have a lag compensation, even if its a split second, that split seconds matters who gets the knife......


      if this game had dedicate servers and it was equal fair time, then yes knifing is okie, cause its down to who reacts faster...... but in this game, you'll knife, swing at the guy, and he kills you, and in the kill cam it shows you just running at him doing nothing.......


      the knife is far from fine, its a cheap kill.......... if the guy has the best lag comp/connection everyone else is screwed....


      the knife needs to be taken out.........

      or needs 2 hit stabs to kill...... this 1 hit i can go through 2-3 of your bullets close range, kill you bs is wack


      i've even knifed peopel who have charged me and look like their standing there looking at me when i know in his camera it was probably showing him knifing me, but due to LAG its a disadvantage....


      its not right...........things to be fair, balanced, same time, same connection same 50/50 to kill, the way you move, use the gun, need to change your precentage rates of winning.... aka SKILL

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        The 2 hit knife kill has to be one of the stupidest suggestions I have ever heard.  Everyone acts as if the characters are running around with Butter knives.  If you want to stop getting knifed at close range then stop trying to shoot people when you are a foot away from them, pull out that Crocodile Dundee knife, stick it in their back and keep it moving.

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          i swear you people don't read


          how many times have you KNIFED, and lost, not cause your slowe,r but cause of LAG COMP


          also how do you know if someones aroudn the corner, your running around then BAM face 2 face, you hit knife, but you lose....bs.....


          or you see someone 3-4 feet away, no where near knifing range, you fire, and the guy rushes at you passes through 2-3 bullets and knifes you......BS


          you guys come up with the most stupidiest ideas.....


          "oh you hate type95, then move " yea no ****

          "oh you guys hate being knifed then knife 2" we do doesn't always work, or we see someone far away and BAM they sprint at us like commando and kill us


          theres been ******* videos posted on here of someone howas PRONE, hit knife, and he lunged at the guy and knifed him, THATS BS


          other SKILL based games take 2 hits to kill with a knife...


          but yet this one doesn't that should tell you something


          the knife is crap...... the only time you should get a instant kill knife, is when its from behind...... but if your getting capped, and you just push through and get the knife thats bs.....

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            I read, i just dont see a problem with it, hell i didnt have a problem with it on MW2 with Commando.  I dont get knifed after dumping a full clip into someone but that could be becuz I play HC.  I hope your able to work this out with yourself tgi, it really seems to be eating at you...good luck bro..

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            Maybe, just maybe... the person knifed before you? Or are you too afraid to admit your "Napoleon Dynamite" skills aren't the greatest...

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              you act like i have no skill

              my kd is 1.5 and thast with using every gun, and changing it up, i don't stick to ONE TOP GUN to stay on top


              i also use hardline/extreme conditioining/ and ethier steady aim or marksman and if you tihnka bout it thats a rather bad class to have, considering UAV spots me like nothing, i can't quick draw, i can't ads asap even with smgs, i can't reload within 1 second.... yet i can go 47 - 9 or 20 - 10 or 37 - 7....


              i stay constant positive.. im a very good players, but its not possible in this game for someone to KNIFE faster than the other person.... lag compensation doesn't allow it......


              today, i ran into a guy face to face, hit my knife, he laid 2 shots in to me, and i won.........i felt bad, thats bs he should have tagged me... but due to the insta-kill bs i won.... thats not right


              its amazing how many gamers there are here, but don't believe in fair play......

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    I really see no problems with the knife, but I play HC 98% of the time too.

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    Take the knife out? I assume it's 'cause you don't have A good enough reaction to use the knife first. Or you just can't take getting knifed in close combat which is fair play. Get used to it!

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    all they have to do is make the knife like it is in battlefield 3.... ppl cant just swing and kill. in bf3 it shows the person slitting their throat or grabbing them and stabbing them. not just swing and kill. in bf3 it is really only used if u snuck up on someone. theres no way to run head on and get a kill if the other person sees u and is shooting at you. IMO that would solve the problem that everyone whines about. plus it would be way more cool.

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    There's this thing called melee proficiency, makes you knife faster, and bs you can go 47-9 with the **** weapons, have you ever seen that with an mp5? Knifing is supposed to be OHK, that's the whole point of it, how pissed do you think people would be if you couldn't kill someone  in one neck stab?

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    The knife is utter BS. To those playing hardcore, your opinions are not valid in this matter as you kill with 2 bullets regardless, meaning this problem will not effect you. In core (what 90% of people play) you need at least 4 bullets to kill, meaning in CQC this problem effects us DOUBLE as much as what it effects you.


    The knife has bothered me to the point of being a pet peeve hate ever since I switched to tactical. In CQC I will drop to the floor while hipfiring and at times the opposing player will knife above my head and still get the kill..... In the killcam my player is flat on the floor while his animation stabs at thin air that apparently bleeds and in turn kills me, wtf?


    The knife causes inconsistency, why can we not hip fire in CQC?


    To the guy saying "I run out of ammo every life, primary and secondary"... Maybe you should be using scavenger bro, you act as if the knife constantly saves you out of these situations, just lol. Besides is it not easy enough to replace your secondary with someone elses primary on your first couple of kills before you run out?


    There is no place for the knife, especially not in MW3 with these maze-like maps where you constantly have to turn corners and run straight into other people. Like thisguygotcha said, if I cannot get a kill with one bullet to the head why can someone get a kill with one knife swipe to my leg???? For the sake of balance it should be kept out, will just make the game harder for noobs.

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      YOU SEE THIS ****!!!!

      we have all given good reasons why the knife is utter BS!


      lag comp, hit detection, prone or not, lung dives, its un fair!,


      we all have given in descriptive detail how bs it is, yet there are those who just say "no its fine cause....it is' stay out of it, if you have no logical reasoning behind having a 1 hit kill knife attack , compared to actual required aiming, and skill...


      keep it going guys, if you hate the dam knife bs, POST IT! MABYE IW will take it out, or at least tweak it.....

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    Knifing takes some skill in waw & cod4. No idea why they added any lunge to it, but it's very annoying especially with lag comp creating free "commando" ohks. The knife should only do a swipe animation, meaning you actually would need stealth to get that ohk.

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    The knife is annoying for sure... I would like to see the knife be either BF3 style, or the range of it reduced so that your character model has to literally be touching the enemy character model to get a knife kill.

    The panic knife thing is just crazy sometimes. I lol every time I see someone swing and miss trying to panic knife after which I shoot them easily because they are still recovering from the missed knife attempt. I don't usually knife unless its on a stationary/oblivious person and then I generally do it to save the 5-10 bullets I would probably use killing them with my gun. Overall the knife is as inconsistent and connection-dependent as anything else but I feel that it literally takes no skill, just the ability to reflexively click in on the right stick (or O/B button for tactical layout, but you don't see tactical layout people doing a lot of knifing anyways)...

    Now the throwing knife on the other hand, I love that- it's fun for me and humiliating to the enemy at the same time lol

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    they could take out knifing and put rifle butt back in...that takes 2 hit to kill...would make that aspect of the game alot less frustrating and there could be no more panic knifing lololol...then alotta people would blow at this game

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    They shouldnt take out knifing but it should be like theres no comando on it and they shouldnt be able to knife u while there hurt and getting shot at.

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    I agree I hate it when someone runs around a corner, I expected him (soundwhored him, saw him on radar, got a callout etc.) and I would have killed him, but nope, he sees me, panics and knifes while he wasn't even looking at me.. Knifes should have crosshairs and only kill within those crosshairs, so it takes some kind of aim.. At this moment you could knife someone who's right next to you. Knifes should only stab right in front of you, so you don't get ridiculous 180 knifes.. That way knifing only would still be possible but panic knifing would be harder, it would be possible to counter it by strafing or dropshotting. I play on tactical so I only have like 5 knife kills on this game...

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    Well they did something to knifing in MW3 that is different from MW2 because i get actual hit markers from knifing or just plain misses so I just shoot now.

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    Nothing will probably be done, just got to grind it and see were treyarch takes knifing, unless you have seen the thread on black ops forum, Vahn has been asking the community what they want to see happen to the knife.


    I hate this knifing too, oh yes i shoot a clip into him, yet he still manages to knife me?

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    To be honest I use my throwing knives more, how about you have to doubletap the melee button, once to take out your knife, second time to knife, would like to see assassinations, or beat downs, there everyone happy?

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    I have found that I like the knife. Since my watching the MW3 videos with tips on the You Tube, and I practiced a couple of times, it was a most wonderful feeling to see that I was still alive and the enemy soldier was dead. It was a terrible way to do this, I know, but, my heart was racing and I was very happy.

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    Knife is fine as it is now, imo.

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    idea for the next CoD game: Make knifes do 80 damage, so you can knife and then 1 bullet will kill. And a new perk:

    Ability: Faster knife recovery

    Pro Ability: Improved knife damage (makes it 100 damage, so it will always OHK).

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    big babies... seriously u want knifing gone??? for what just because u get knifed after shooting a guy with steady aim or akimbo weapons... or is it because your reaction time is to slow to knife first... or your  connection in that particular game isnt great so u get lagged knifed...? lol the only thing that bugs me is the teleport knife but even that has a low rate of occurance  mean come on you act like your magic knifed more times than shot by a camper... people seriously complain about stupid things in ths game... akimbos fmg's are nasty i've finally witnessed them first hand but  pulled out a striker and balanced that out  very easily with range same with hipfiring type95's just pull out a shotgun geesh... anyway knifing is official you guys are the types i like to run tac knife on and only knfe in a game  i may not have the best k/d afterwards but its fun to watch the rage quitters.. honestly if your in a close range fight just get use to knifing first its really not that difficult just another aspect of the game deal with it man up and play

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      There's nothing wrong with my reaction time, but I play on tactical so I have all my movement controls in the 2 thumbsticks. Knifing shouldn't be impossible, like you said, many people like running around knifing only. So taking the knife out is no option. What I would like to see is either the knife being a secondary (or you must have tactical knife to be able to use it), or the knife should have crosshairs so you actually need to aim with it, and you won't get 180 knifed without him actually turning around... On close range I usually strafe / dropshot / hipfire (or I just shoot at his face and hope for the best =P but that usually doesn't work out too well). Knife only people don't bother me too much, if they don't use dead silence I can hear them from a mile away, and when they use dead silence.. well, I still don't get killed by them often as I usually rush, when there's a knife only guy on the other team I usually shoot him in the back a couple of times in the match, and he gets me maybe once...

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        i agree 180 knifes are stupid without the guy turning but knifing has huge flaws too, i've gotten knife hit markers???  but i just deal with it my only knife misses come when a guy dropshots but  even then thats rare because i tend to only knife when extremely close other wise im firing...  think that most people who hate the knife only hate that its a 1 hit kill and sometimes u can be knifed tru bullet spray... but honestly i can deal with that vs throwing sticky two inches from three people and get a marker and no kill, or be killed by a throwing knife that hits my ankle i mean come one thats annoying... and no one seems to ever complain about the riot shield that thing has commando built in its just most people dont see a ton of players using it... i would gladly exchange the knife for halo's gun buck but people hate that because there's a slight stun to being hit so two hit kills for someone with fast fingers will just annoy people too so i see this being a no win situation