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Call of Duty Forums??

I might just be rambling on and on but I was always under the impression that the Call of Duty Forums were here to HELP people and try to get things fixed in the game. Ive only been reading and replying to the forums for less them a month but Ive been playing Call of Duty games since 2008. It seems that 85% of people just wine like little girls or complain about these reasons,


Prestige token glitch


Over Powered Killstreaks

Why did I get banned

Boosting Lobby's



What ever happen to suggestions to improving the multiplayer gameplay? I dont know just a thought. Who really care about these other things? “Prestige token glithc,” If you need to cheat at a video game.... Nuf said! “Campers”, shut up and play.”Over powered killstreak”, use it if it works so well!!! Why did I get banned, because your stupid and not mature enough for this game. “Boosting lobby’s”, get real.... PLAY THE GAME THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED BY THE DESIGNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry if any of you have different views but I just needed to speak my mind. If any of you agree that we should divide discussion so these children, boosters, hacks, rage babys, and trolls have somewhere to vent just “LIKE” my discussion.


F.Y.I to you trolls and kids that shouldn't even be playing this game.... SHUT UP AND GO PLAY Doritos Crash Course! Please :-(

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    I do agree with you on the content we see in this forum. The legitimate question and answer threads are my favorite ones to read. The only problem with "dividing discussion" is that even though it is sort of divided already.. The people coming here to post do not read the FAQ's or look that closely at forum headers already.


    You can make as many individual forum topics as you want, but people in mid rage mode are going to log on and post in the most popular topic which is what seems to happen now. There is multiple "don't name and shame" posts per day and it still always happens. I do not think dividing the forum anymore will help at all because of this.


    Lately I have seen the moderator lock threads and tell people to continue their conversation in an already started thread. This I think is the best way to proceed, it is just sad that it needs to happen so often.

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    Sorry mate, IW does not even look at forums, you'll be unable to improve the game from this soapbox.....

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    Good post and sadly 99% true. The one percent is because doritos crash course is mad fun

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      bo2000, LMAO!!!! You might not have the most post but your by far the life of the party when it comes to your commits. Your right about Doritos Crash Course. For a free game it f-ing sweet but I was just using it for a point of reference. :-) U.S.A Level 5 is a MOTHERF*CK*R

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    The main person that looks at feedback is @fourzerotwo on twitter. but since he gets 1,000's of messages a day its hard to communicate with him.