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Modern Warfare 3 DLC Ideation

While the design of the maps affects how someone plays and their weapon, they still use the same sort of attachments. By making it so that you have a map at night, you give it different lighting causing the players field of vision to change so they might try a thermal sight instead of red dot sight which would limit their view to just in front of them. Likewise if it had a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm would disadvantage a sniper with view.


So as a member of the Call of Duty Community I’m putting forward my suggestion for different times, e.g. Morning, Day, Afternoon, Night, and different weathers, e.g. Rain, fog, storm, snow, on future maps made.


(this parts just further ideation) This could also be placed onto other pre existing maps in the game. So for example, I’m playing on Outpost in its standard time and weather. Two or so games later I’m on the same map but it’s at night now and snowing. This would make the game more interesting and cause it to be less boring over a longer period of time. Thislast part would be better applied to Custom Game options rather then online play.


How ever I understand this may cause further camping because of the fact that the won't be able to see. But that negative also becomes a possative because unless they're camping in a well lit area then they won't be able to see who is in front of them. This would also allow for more attachments such as Flash Lights and Laser Lights, Bipods for snipers could also be implemented as an extra.


Lets get some feed back on this idea and get it noticed by Infinity Ward.