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Disable Dead Silence while using Assassin

Well, I finally got fed up with all of the Assassin/Dead Silence "n00bs" that don't show up on the radar and don't make a sound.


This is completely unbalanced, there should never be a combination that makes you completely "invisible" unless looked at directly. Plus, there's no counter whatsoever.


So I thought of an easy fix, disable Dead Silence while using Assassin, and vice versa.

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    How about no, and learn to use you eyes and not need the mini map or a red dot or a noise to alert you to someone being near. Stop rushing around corners or into buildings with out  thinking that there may be someone in there waiting for you. Always assume that every corner has somone hiding there, that every windows has someone watching it or out of it. That every doorwary has somone siting just inside.

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    You assume that I'm some sort of headless chicken, but you'd be sadly mistaken.


    I'm quite aware of my surroundings, checking my corners, checking my back ever couple seconds, etc.


    But enemies don't always appear right in front of you when you look in their direction, they may be behind a wall, about to round a corner, or coming up behind you while you're trying to fend off the approaching enemies from the front.


    If I cannot turn to look behind me, and I cannot see them on my radar, and I cannot hear them, then I cannot know they're behind me. Therefore, Assassin and Dead Silence in combination give the enemy the advantage, with no counter whatsoever, making Assassin/Dead Silence unbalanced.

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    It's an arcade game. If someone wants to run a Blind Eye Pro/Assassin Pro/Dead Silence Pro class, they pay for it with lack of speed and reaction time. It's actually pretty balanced that way, at least, in theory.... They're actually at a huge disadvantage due to latancy issues though.



    IF they were to ever change it more like what you're desiring, I'd say to put Blind Eye, Assassin, and Dead Silence in the same category. Essentially three categories for balance:


    Perk 1: Stealth Perks

    Perk 2: Speed Perks

    Perk 3: Protection Perks


    Which perks go where exactly IDK, but it's a quick concept. Even then, you're still going to get the people who have a specialist bonus and literally have all advantages over you. But that's balanced out by Assault/Support killstreaks.



    Honestly my personal idea of how Perk 1, 2, and 3 should work is: let me choose ANY 3 perks. If I want to run Dead Silence, Sitrep, and Stalker, let me. I suffer in other areas then like speed in reloading, aiming, running, etc. What's the point of making categories really, especially when they're not balanced categories?


    Regardless, it's probably never going to change, so everything we've discussed is pointless.

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    dont be a sound whore and dead silence want be a problem to you


    be happy that you can hear anyone steps

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    So, you've had a few bad game with campy people using perks that you had no answer for due to your playstyle right? Well, if I realise (by the 2 minute mark) that the flow of the game is going to be slow and frustrating due to the opposing team heavily relying on a campy play style with stealth classes and UAV spamming, I simply switch to a stealth class as well. Because I understand the painfully simple fact that not all games will be tailored to my ideal class (SOH, Hardline, Steady Aim).

    Do not let youself be outplayed when you can easily make classes to counter others. So run an Assasin and Ninja class as a counter. Try it when your facing a team of UAV spamming Assasin Ninja campers and you will rage less and not feel like such a nub and you ll gain some nice satisfaction by showing them how to  use a stealth class effectively and breaking their strategy, providing that your any good in the first place.


    And remember kids only whiney little nublets complains about weapons and perks being overpowered.

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    You do realize that in BO ghost and ninja did the same thing. But with ghost pro you did not have to give up two perks only one and then one for ninja. For somoene to be completely stealthy in the game they have to give up three perks to do it now and use a silencer which puts them at a slight disadvantage to some players.

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    Moon Head 92

    *sigh* another sound and radar whore, i bet you're one of them morons who puts a flipping UAV up every 10 seconds...

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