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Can't get 46 intel achievement.

So, today I just collected all the intel throughout the campaign, I know so because at the main screen where you can choose Multiplayer, Campaign, or specops, it says 100.0% on Campaign, which it only does that when you have collected all the Intel, and beaten it on veteran. I also went through every mission, and pausing to see how many I had, and they all said I had 3/3, 4/4, 1/1, ect. Though, when I picked up the last one it popped up 45/46 intel collected, what can I do to fix this?

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    I even just double checked, all the missions say I have all of the intel, I'd really like it if someone gave me an answer, I really don't want this to be a waste of 4 hours.

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    Dude I had the same problem. After I googled it and then watch a youtube video of this guy showing were there all the intel spots are he pointed out that one of the levels it will tell you that you have recover 3/3 when there are 4/4 that need to be recovered. Im sorry to say I don't remember the name of the video but thats what I  would recommend. Take 15min out of your day and just watch the video fast forward if need be and work it out that way. Hope this help.