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Mouse and Keyboard for Xbox MW3?

Hello my m8 love FPS game but not on 360 -.- ( he's a dumb **** ) so am woundering if its possible to get a keyboard and mouse to the 360 to play Cod with? shoulden't be so hard or ????

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    well, i heard the PS3 lets you use PC periferals but the xbox does not .

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    I come from the PC and I couldn't get used ot the Xbox control for FPS. So I bought a Splitfish Frag FX for £69.00




    Improved my game play no end and it's just like playing on my PC now.


    Or theres the Xim3 system that lets you plug in different types of PC usb devices and use them on the Xbox.



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    I hope that you people using keyboards and mice on the 360 get a ban.


    Seriously, play PC if that's what you want, where everyone has the ability.  Buying non sanctioned hardware for the 360 to gain an edge is no better than hacking or modding.

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    Not trying to be an arse over it. But BO did not allow players to use those when playing online. Not sure what IW's view is on the subject. I would pm one of the mods here first before buying it. Do not want to do something that gets you banned later for cheating.

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    So basically you want to cheat on the console.  Using a keyboard/mouse on console is worse than using a modded controller.  It puts the player at an extremely unfair advantage.

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    The reason I can't and don't use a Xbox control on any game I play is because unlike 99% of you luck ????? I don't have a fully functional left hand. Due to an arse hole who thought drink driving was a good idea and desided my Bike look nice entwined with my body,  I only have 2 fingers and a thumb on my left hand. So using a standard Xbox control is basically impossible. I don't even use a standard control on my cmp. As it is I can't stab even with the Frag FX as I don't have the finger,to press the button.


    Wtf should I have to play the PC version that is and always has been a poor port from the console. I bought the Xbox to play MW3 because I'm sick of the crap PC gamers go through trying to get this game to work even on top end spec comps. You think Xbox has it bad with lag etc, think again and try it on the PC.


    I'm more than happy for any one from Xbox to ban me and see how they fair in court. Hmm predigested to disabled people, think there a small law about that. And I can imagine the bad press it would get.

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      Just get a XIM3.  Its by far the best adapter for playing with a mouse/keyboard.  Plus, no one is ever going to be able to tell if you use that while playing.


      And people that complain about mouse/keyboard users beng cheats... cmon man.  Its just not true.  As long as you arent using macros on the M/KB setup then all is good.

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        Still a massive advantage online though, regardless of disability etc the aiming with a mouse is so much quicker than even the best can do with a joypad.


        On the otherside it's very difficult to detect and in MW3 where most encounters are based on connection will it really make a difference!

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        It's not our preferences that get in the way. It's the terms of service that everyone agrees to on XBL when they play anything.


        His story is a bummer, but he too agreed to the ToS, he is not exempt.


        To the best of my knowledge there is a quadriplegic on youtube who plays just fine with the current control setup. Askacapper.


        Also, Sony doesn't seem to mind external peripherals. So you'd be fine on PS3 if I'm not mistaken.


        Don't want to be the d*ck that argues with him but he has nothing 'in court.'

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          Just because something is legally correct doesn't mean it's morally correct. I have the right to be treated the same as any able bodied person and there are laws that surpass anything Microsoft want to add to there small print to protect that fact. More to the point though do you think Microsoft would want the bad publicity of a court case that entailed the banning of a person due to a disability. Really no company want's bad publicity like that.


          On a side note, I have always used a trackball because I found them eayer to use after my accident, so switching to a mouse on the xbox gives me no advantage over others or my KD ratio would be better than 0.93. Using the Frag FX makes playing the game possible as I can hold and use (not stab) both controls, where as the Xbox control I can hold but am unable to using my 2 left fingers on the buttons or the control falls from my grip.


          I do agree maybe my control would give some an unfair advantage but it just makes a game playable for me even if it is at a lower skill level than others.

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            Why would you buy a console and then use a keyboard and mouse instead of a gamepad? Perhaps just buy a PC?

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              Have you ever played any COD on the PC. You think people have problems on the Xbox where all the hardware is the same. Try playing it on the PC were there is a mutitude of variables to get right before your setup might work. Also the hardware you use has a effect on the plability of the game, a few FPS difference can make a real differance in game play. My Pc is only a year old and more than enough to play any game but there for ever costing more money to upgrade, my Graphics card alone cost more than my Xbox did.


              Also many of my friends play COD on the Xbox. So do you think my disability should stop me playing a console with my friends ? The Frag FX was only launched just after MW3 and due to that it gave me a playable setup so I'm able to have fun with real life friends. Not one of them has a problem with me using the mouse.

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                If you're PC is a year old, you wouldnt need to upgrade every freaking year. Upgrade every 5 years or so. And If your graphics card cost more than your xbox, you probably dont even have lag. My pc is around 3-5 years old and I can run Crysis and Crysis 2 on Ultra, so lag shouldn't be a problem for you. Your fingers are the only problem(not trying to make you mad).

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            >Just because something is legally correct doesn't mean it's morally correct.


            I have heard this exact same argument, only from the other side of the cheating debate after I pointed out the same portions of the TOS (Section 14, Paragraph 2) that LIVE reps are reading from when they say unlicensed, third-party controllers are legit. LIVE's terms specifically state that Microsoft can attempt to detect and block use of unlicensed peripherals through software updates to the 360. This means desync or lack of recognition as was the case with Datel memory units, the original cause of this clause being added, and nothing more without further revision to the contract. Use of any mouse adapter without the additional use of macros included with some brands is not a violation of LIVE's agreements and is therefore within the rules, i.e. not cheating. LIVE does defer to individual publishers/developers when it comes to what peripherals are allowed in their respective games, but only Treyarch have said they will attempt to police the use of the XIMs.

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      Hi Vineuk, I couldnt help but give my opinion on this one as three years ago I was in a similar situation but through choice (not injury) I got a XIM1 then upgraded to a XIM2 and now a XIM3 iv played pc FPS for 10years plus (im 29 now), We buy the game and play for enjoyment so I choose to use a XIM3 as my controller and yes it does give you a slight advantage in long distance shots but the controller has so much aim assist it almost makes up for it? Just before anyone starts im more than capable of good kd without camping and playing objectively with a controller but with keyboard and mouse I do better all around as im used to it, I go pretty much top every game. Before now iv heard oh u got no skill so you use a XIM but id be sure you wouldnt do as well with the XIM as I do with controller! its just as im used to keyboard and mouse setup it takes gaming even more fun for me,,

      In Regards to bans, the Xim3 converts movement from a controller to mouse and actually runs through a wired genuine ms controller and doesnt use any macro or mods like a modded controller so I cant see how they could ever police it? Also the fact that pretty much no-one has ever been banned for modded controllers and theres probably only 1k out of 5 million xbox players that use xims or similar do you think theyd care? A driving game has a steering wheel and pedals that does not come with your xbox and is a bought extra but does give you an advantage in racing games yet no-one moans? Its the age old PC vs Console wars but like me many dont want to spend £700 every year on upgrades and paying for private servers due to hackers etc, So £200 for xbox and mw3 + XIM3 £100ish and a hassle free gaming experience without the extra pc errors or all the room a Rig takes up I choose this and hopefully MS will see this like Sony have with the MW3 commander KM setup and produce something

      Im not bashing anyone and respect controller,joystick or key/mouse setup preferences equally providing they are NOT hacking or glithcing, so what im saying is do whatever you feel better with, I use a XIM cos I enjoy it simples


      ps a frag fx is a inaccurate pos compared to a XIM

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      I would still suggest pming a Mod here on teh site and ask for clarification and stating your plea and cause before buying one and using it.


      Bad PR or not MS could always throw the TOS that you agreed to up and say your violated it and was justly punished for doing so. And many of the laws that govern things in the real world do not apply to online things.  Just like freedom of speech does not protect you in the game if you swear or curse. You can still be banned for doing that.

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    sunday morning around 3am EST, got in a lobby with a clan with gold [XIM] tags


    I said "oh great, you're all using keyboard+mouse on xbox360?"


    response: "haha yes we are, and you're on live stream so say hello to those watching"


    me: "oh cool, hey livestream viewers, i'm about to report and avoid all of these guys right after i back out just before this match begins in 3,2,1...gone"


    hope you get banned. why can't people play fair?

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      Unless the company moderating MW3 matchmaking on XBL have also adopted an anti-third-party controller stance, you were the only participant who was violating XBL terms by filing frivolous player reports. Unlike the XIMs, abuse of the complaint system is covered in the TOS, with punishments ranging from lower priority given to reports from those who flood the system to suspensions or bans in severe cases of misuse.

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        I dont think they would even know if someone is using a mouse and keyboard, they cant even figure out a fix for modded controllers...

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          They wouldn't. The XIM3 uses the same signals and is a passthrough for all checks involving the controller. The console doesn't have the hardware to detect what is attached. The only way to block XIMs would involve either building an algorithm in to a game that looked for specific patterns of movement or shutting down wired controller support entirely. Both solutions are neither foolproof nor immune from unintentionally catching players using a gamepad.

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    Microsoft should release a Mouse type conttoller.  They'll rake it in.

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      Best one by far is the xim3 as some people have stated above. xim3.com  It was featured in the official xbox magazine in october.  It looks as ps3 may be leaning toward native support for mouse and keyboard in their games. From what I understand valve's next counter-strike game will feature native support for mouse and keyboard on ps3 and cross platform play with pc and mac. Pretty cool.  Could just be for that game though.


      As far as people saying its a cheat/advantage, I disagree. With the amount of aim assist and turning speed caps on xbox, people who are more used to controllers will do just as well as people who are more used to mouse and keyboard. It does not make you own anyone, it's just preference of what you're more comfortable with. If there wasnt aim assist in the games, then I would say it would gain an advantage. However, I do know some people that play with a pad on pc shooters, which I think is silly, but as I said above, its all preference. 

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        nicely put  Mufdasampson

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          KB/Mouse is a HUGE advantage, anyone that claims it's a preference thing is blowing smoke out their.......    Done the experiment many times on the PC version of COD games, my console buddies prefered (notice, past tense) corded Xbox controllers UNTIL I forced them to use KB/Mouse whIch they had never used before. In under 2 hours of practice ALL of thier K/D ratios started climbing rapidly. One even bought the Xim and he went from a decent 1.2kd player to a 2.0+ player UNTIL we found out and harrassed him about it. Once he quit using it his KD dropped again. I tried his Xim ONCE and my 1.8ish KD would be WELL over 3.0 as it made the game WAY to easy. Turn off auto aim (you HAVE to as it hinders the advantage of the mouse), select the M14 or ACOG'd Semi sniper, and click your way to victory. I switched to mostly Xbox gaming for its FAIRNESS due to identical hardware and controls, these kb/mouse adaptors DESTROY the whole concept of console gaming IMO and it IS in violation of the microsoft TOS.

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            Speaking of blowing smoke up your....there is no option to turn off Auto-Aim (It's called aim assist BTW).


            Here's a post from their site reguardingt the TOS.


            Okay, I know I said my last post would be my last post, but I thought some of you might be interested in this.

            I wanted to interest some of my co-workers here in XIM3, but for them to show the least concern MS has to give the product a thumbs-up, or else it's simply a moot point.  So, I asked my good friend, Bella, at MS about the XIM:




            Is it a violation of the XBox Live TOS to use a XIM3 keyboard & mouse adapter as seen here:http://store.xim3.com/XIM3_p_8.html ? Thanks.


            and here's what she had to say:




            As I understand, you're checking if  using a 3rd party keyboard and mouse adapter on the console's going to be a violation to the terms of use.

            The answer to the said inquiry would be, "no". You can feel free using the mentioned external accessories. However, we are unable to guarantee its efficiency with the console. We would highly recommend you to continue using the certified Xbox 360 accessory to optimize your gaming experience.

            I hope I was able to help you on your concern today.

            If you need to reply to this e-mail, please reply 'with history' (include any previous e-mail) or reference to Service Request Number 1148980051, so we can expedite our service to you.
            Thank you for visiting Xbox.com. If you should have future questions on Xbox products or services, please be sure to revisit our Web site as we are continually adding information to enhance our service.

            Best Regards,
            Microsoft XBOX Support Services


            So, there you have it.  XIM3 is legit and you'll not have to worry about being banned for it.

            Hope some of you find this helpful.

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            You need to read your terms again. Use of unlicensed peripherals on LIVE is not a violation of any of the parameters therein.

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    Let me just say this. This was in a live chat with customer service based on ANY keyboard mouse adapter.


    The almost exact wording from Xbox Customer Service is they ARE allowed for online play as well as offline play and they are NOT any violation.


    Microsoft suggest not to use them do to the innacuracy that may riun your gameplay on the service. They suggest to use regular controllers to enjoy your gamplay.


    They have also stated that Third Party developers are allowed to use their own policy determining if they are forbidden.


    Example, Mattks said in Black Ops they were considered forbidden, almost to the point of even discussing this.


    I know some of the regulars here honestly believe that they are forbidden but I got the same answer twice from Customer Service as a test. I was also shocked when they said YES they are not a policy violation.


    some of you may think I am stating BS but I am telling the truth of the answe I got two different times.


    My question each time was worded like this...




    There is a peripheral called the Xim3 mouse and keyboard adapter and others like it. Are they allowed by microsoft to be used on ONLINE gameplay ? Are they considered fair to the other gamers ? For example I know MS frowns upon using licenced rapid fire controllers in online play. I an an new MS Ambassador and would like to know specifically on this item(s) so I can suggest others as not to be using it. I do know how the policy is worded and such but this specific item(s) are of concern. I myself do not use it but would like to help others."


    I even repeated to the persons who I talked to in around Jan 10th.


    If you want to try this in chat with a REAL rep, not an ambassador, try to talk to a guy named Conan. I am sure I pasted the conversation elsewhere. Let me find it.

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    I found it in another thread.



    Heres a quote from CHAT, note that this is an XBL Employee as opposed to chatting with an XBL Ambassador who doesnt work for MS.


    ME There is a peripheral called the Xim3 mouse and keyboard adapter and others like it. Are they allowed by microsoft to be used on ONLINE gameplay ? Are they considered fair to the other gamers ? For example I know MS frowns upon using licenced rapid fire controllers in online play. I do know how the policy is worded and such but this specific item(s) are of concern. I myself do not use it but would like to help others.


    Conan: They are not exclusively banned from Xbox, though individual Game developers may want to ban players from their games for using such peripherals

    ME that pretty much answers my question. thanks.

    Conan: No problem

    ME. Is there anything else I could help you with today?

    ME But you do understand that I am talking about ONLINE play of course

    Conan: Yes I do indeed.


    Bolded parts by me.

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    Thanks all for the feed back and nice adult theme replies. Nice to see a good conversation on the forums that dosn't turn in to a abuse feast.


    I wish I had got the Xcom 3 now as I have used a Logitec track ball for so many years, switching to a mouse isn't very easy. I also like the fact my trackball is so much more precise for small movmens. The Frag FX gives me the option to play on console and its the only reason I bought it. I don't want an unfair game just the choice to play.


    So once again for replies guys.