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It has come to my attention (in addition to a large majority of the Call Of Duty community) that Theatre Mode, in the past month, has become both increasingly unstable and unreliable. Problems include, but aren't necessarily limited to:


  • not being able to see more than eight (8) videos in a friends vault (at least in my experience);
  • severe stuttering during playback;
  • erratic camera glitching/unexplainable spinning during/after recording;
  • scene skipping; and, most worryingly,
  • a complete and utter failure to view a recorded clip, in which, the video instantly forwards itself to the end.


These problems not only affect your own videos but your friend's vaults as well; the latter actually seems to encounter problems much more frequently and to a more extreme degree. Even older videos that were previously uploaded and rendered without trouble now also fall victim to incessant errors upon playback.


No amount of repetition or variable-testing appears to fix these issues once they begin to occur - although there are processes that do exacerbate the aforementioned issues, and may even be the prime instigators of. Namely, rendering videos for YouTube and constant cuts during video editing.


Theatre Mode, even though only recently introduced into the Call Of Duty franchise, is a vital component to the ongoing enjoyment of this community. That is why it is such a shame to see it in it's current state. Any information regarding a future patch or hotfixes to these issues is extremely welcome.


I also encourage my fellow Call Of Duty players to be heard, capture the developer's attention and comment about any problems they've had which are not listed here.


NB: PlayStation 3 version tested,