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Punishments for hackers.

Does Infinity Ward or Treyarch has any kind of punishment for hackers on MW3 Wii. In other versions you could report someone. Does Wii have that kind of option? It would really help

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    You are at absolute total risk playing this game with no way of reporting the hacker.




    You may want to biuld up two seperate accounts to be safe.

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      The game is a pile of ****... why do ppl force them-selves to play it?

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      Having two accounts (profiles) may not help you with severe stat hacks.


      Someone more knowledgeable than me please correct me if I am wrong about the following:


      Stat hackers can set your level to negative or 0 and/or alter stats like kills, deaths, score, and experience to negative or 0; etc. When your level is 0 or negative, you cannot join multiplayer. When your kills, deaths, etc. are negative, you cannot join multiplayer.


      I believe there are similar but more severe hacks that also affect your local data file in ways that alter inactive profiles (the ones you weren't using when you were hacked), preventing you from using those to join multiplayer or from creating a new profile.