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What I Have Learned: Domination


I've received so much help in just two posts I have made from some of the members here regarding Domination. I do read the board, however, and noticed there has been some underlying negativity between members and also about the game itself. I hope to inject more positive vibes, especially since "I don't know enough to know better."


My initial motivation for posting here was in hopes of learning enough simply to improve to the point where I am competent enough to enjoy playing. As soon as I attempted to play online, I realized the level of players on most lobbies were extremely experienced and skilled, and felt I had to get a crash course. I received it (and more) after asking for help on here.


- 3 capping (depending on the map) really only works when a team is comprised of high-speed players. Whether if that means most on a team are part of a clan, in a party, or simply very experienced, that is when I, at least, notice it is ok. Every other time, it leads to chaos. I've been in plenty of games where my team has been off to a huge lead quickly, only to have some member get overzealous and cap C (for instance). Two minutes later, inevitably, the game tightens and it becomes Team DM. Kills the whole point of the game IMHO.


- Learning the ideaology of spawns, re-spawning, and spawn switching has absolutely changed my game. While I am not what many on here would consider to be even an average player statistcally, over the last week my play, scoring, and ability to help my team has improved dramatically.


- Stealth Bomber is near worthless for me. I run the Support package because I am not at the point where I get so many kills where I will consistently earn an AC-130 using Strike (?). Maybe twice out of like 20 times I've run the SB and gotten kills with it. I usually just aim if I see red dots or where I remembered where I last saw the enemy. Tips here would be appreciated.


- I have to get better at hiding my SAM. I get too overexcited when I get one and unless it drops a UAV, it pretty much lasts like 30 seconds before I hear it is destroyed.


- Defending one of the first 2 objectives on ANY map seems to work wonders. I usually try to find a wall or corner and "camp" for a minute before moving on to another covered location nearby. That is until my team advances to capping a third flag, which basically throws this strategy for me out the window.


- Outpost and Hardhat are two maps I get eaten alive in.


These are definitely the bulletpoints. Sorry to take up so much space with this. I've been playing less than a month, and for the first couple of weeks I was just trying to understand the game. As I got my feet wet, my game was Drop Zone and then Domination. I am addicted to Domination to the point where that is pretty much all I play, for now. Once I can get better at actually taking out the enemy and have prestiged another weapon or two, perhaps I will try the HC element of games. But Domination is, to me anyway, thoroughly enjoyable.








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    stealth bomber. when you get one and you DIDN'T use an advanced UAV, and your team hasn't either, hold onto it until someone puts up a UAV or AUAV. at least that's what i try and do. i run AUAV, SB and JUGG. when i get the stealth bomber usually my AUAV will still be in the air, study that for a second or two and then use this ideology... "good soccer players don't play where the ball is... they play where the ball is going to be." meaning: don't run the SB where the enemy is, based off of the dots or directional arrows run it where they're GOING to be.


    Hardhat. tuff map. work the outsides of the map and stear clear of the hectic middle. If we start at C i'll usually cap C, then work my way around to B and wait. there is usually a gun battle for B, if my team loses I'll get a few kills when the other team tries to cap. once I get a few kills i'll move onto b, drop a trophy system and usually get another kill or two watching over the middle section by the tunnel. Same with outpost. Too many far lines of sight in outpost to be working the middle for me.

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    capping 3 flags at once is a sure way to doom. sure, there are times when the other team is just that bad, but for the most part, it does really lead to chaos. although sometimes if we have two locked down, i'll just run through the third flags zone just to keep the other team back trying to defend their one flag... less people going after our flags. i always lonewolf it, and i always run to capture B right from the start of the match. in my experience, B is the key. it is almost always the hardest flag to cap once the other team has capped it, so usually i make that the priority. i usually carry either portable radar or trophy system to throw down at B and try to hold that flag down. or if i notice my teammates holding that one down, i go and try to watch the back side flag. i am like you, i rarely get kills with my stealth, because i think a lot of people are doing the color blind assist thing. i will only use it on the very small maps where sending it right through the middle has a better chance. like dome or even mission.

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      Ok, quick question (and thank you very much for the response):


      - Let's say the opp's flag is C. Are you saying go through the general area near C to keep them back there, but insisting on not capping it? Because if so, that has to be one of the best strategic tips I've received. Not because I want kills, just because I am dissatisfied with losing. I assume you take the back end or edges of the map around to C, depending on the map?


      - If I capture an objective, do I automatically throw down a trophy system as soon as it's secure? I have been doing that because I figure that's where one would go, but I don't know.



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    Agree with dogernaut on the stealth bomber stuff. As far as the other stuff is concerned, let me address some of your points.


    -3 capping is indead extremely difficult to sustain, and usually leads to a ping ponging of A and C. If its wide open go ahead and cap C, but quickly retreat as not to flip the spawsn.


    -Learning spawns in crucial in any gametype not just domination. Every FPS has had spawn trapping and good teams know how to manipulate the spawns. Its just rediculously easy to do in MW3. Domination inparticular tends to have a more limited numbers of spawns in comparison to say, TDM. So for the most part, your going to spawn near A or C. Pick 2 points, hold them down, and continue to the let the other team spawn at the point they alreayd have. This will also keep you alive since you can predict where the enemy will be coming from.


    -Sams can also be seen on the radar. I find it rather pointless killstreak. I prefer to use a stinger. Free up the spot for AUAV, and do what I do. Save your AUAV for when you get your stealthbomber, use the AUAV and then immediatly use the stealth bomber.


    -Exactly, people who keep running around the map just end up doing a A,C ping pong. All your doing is flipping the spawns as opposed to making any real headway. You only need 2 points to win so its better to condense your defense then spread your team thin over the entire map. The key point to winning is to hold B. A and C are dictated by the spawns. and rarely can you expect to hold A, C or all 3. A/B or A/C is the easiest combo to defend and hold.


    They key to domination is to figure out which side of the map is more advantages to holding two points. The C side or the A side. Many times this is dictated by which ever side has the easiest access to B. Once you have figured out which side is best, figure out an area best suited for holding and defending that allows you vision and or quick acess to either of your 2 points so you can quickly defend them. For example, on the map village, Holding up by C (in the village) is the best place to be. Keep C and B, spread your team around the village and cover all areas that can access the C side of the map (the brige, side path below the bridge, 2 paths by the truck). By doing this you force the other team to come to you and attack you. If your initial spawn is on the wrong side, fight your way to the complete opposite side until the spawns start to switch, then start playing defense in the mannor I stated above.


    Another thing you have to realize is domination is all about B. At the start of the game, send only 1 or 2 people to cap the point that is right next to you. Everyone else should make a mad dash for B and cap it quickly. 3 or 4 guys can cap a point in 3 seconds flat, leaving the other team almost no chance to stop you, especially if they only send 2 guys or so, which is likely the case. Quick cap B then retreat and play defense. The trick to capping B in any situation is numbers. B is usually out in the open and as soon as the enemy hears "losing B" you'll have not much more than 5-10seconds before they're on your arse. Having a teamate to help you cap can lower the cap time and make it impossible for the other team to react.


    Here is the main tip for hardhat, keep the corner between A and B. You can quickly access A, B if the enemy starts to cap them, and you have good cover, for both points, for which to camp or fire from. Have a few guys in the middle of the map by the pipes as well to prevent anyone who tries to come through the pipes. Other than that, don't try and take C, just let the other team continue to spawn at C.


    Outpost is a large map making normal tactics a bit harder. I personally find C/B combo easier to defend since they are closer together than A/B and allow your team to be more dense on defense. The key is obviously just to keep B. If you can keep be, 1 of the other 2 points are usually wide open do to the size of the map.

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      Terrific insight. I am going to do what you say, and get rid of the SAM, since other than a sporadic 50 points for shooting down a UAV, it's pointless for me at this point. I'll instead use the AUAV and SB together, as also mentioned above by Doughernaut.


      Village is actually a map I am confident on. I have realized the impetus in capturing B, as it is almost always the center point for all of the action. Very few games have I begun with A being the closest flag, but last night I was playing where it was. Team I was on capped A, capped B, and we were offing everyone easily. However, due to IMO overzealousness, someone took C, defended it, and eventually the other team caught up. We wound up winning, but it was nonsense.


      Hardhat - I can see your take. Here is the issue that I have though with your strategy, which I am absolutely sure works: I don't run a team. I am not part of a clan and the only time I play with a headset is when I play with my brother, who resides out of state. Maybe I should start putting the headset on even when I am not playing with him, but I have an inkling that since I am a lowly 58 with not impressive stats, no one will listen to my pre-match pleas (and perhaps rightfully so!). I may, for the meantime, have to use their advice for me on my own. 

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      Great post to all.  I like threads like this one beacuse I really don't know it all.


      Not much to add but I hate when my team tries to triple cap.  They may be good enough to do it but I can't.  All of a sudden, people are spawning everywhere and it becomes a fustercluck.


      I usually go right for B with my "fast" class to start the match off because as kholland said, it is the key.  The other point is ancillary and needed but B is the most important.  Then, it is just a matter of patrolling the two capped points and predicting where the enemy will attack next.


      Learning spawns is also very important.  This is a work in progress for me.  I learn from watching the good players, following them around and seeing what works and what doesn't.


      You need something up in the air showing you where the baddies are for the stealth bomber.  Without it, it is a crap shoot.


      I run SAM also and usually put it in the vicinity of "home spawn."  If that isn't possible, I wait to place it when things are less hectic.  If I get a second, I will obviously not put them near each other but within my patrol area.


      The tip for hardhat is perfect as A + B seems to be the easiest to maintain.  Each map has the two "sweet" points that are easiest to hold and it is seems to be simply dictated by proximity to each other (like the aforementioned B and C in Village).

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    Dont set your SAM turret down until either: the enemy team puts up air support OR you are within a kill of getting a second SAM turret. That way you can be sure you get the most out of your SAM.


    Hardhat if you get stuck with the spawn down by C you should forget about C, and immediately head towards B. Capture B and then push down towards A. On hardhat you must have A + B to avoid the easy spawn trap that occurs if you only own C.


    Outpost I would say depending on your class loadout and aiming skill, stay away from the B DOM point and let your team take care of it. Depending on where you spawn, take your home spawn point, and then head towards the other outside point (A/C). Stop about halfway between in a covered area to observe/kill any enemy rushing towards your home point. Play on the outside of the map, and avoid B.

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    Thanks for a great post.  This sounds a little funny, but aren't there a couple maps/situations in which holding A and C are feasible?  I can't remember any specifics, and I don't remember this to be true in Black Ops at all, but there are occasional games where we have held A and C for large portions of the game...maybe Bakaara? 

    So, are there exceptions in which A and C can be easier to hold than AB or BC, or was it just a fluke?

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      Since I play mercenary it's hard to get coordinated efforts out of my team.  Most are selfish at the start and just go for the closest Objective whether it be A or C.  So I have a particular class for run and gunning that's the extreme sprint with a sub machine gun.  I run my ass to B and throw two flash grenades plus my regular grenade in the direction the opposing team is coming from.  It usually gives me enough time to secure B by myself.  Usually I die after that because I'm facing 3 or 4 guys by myself.  But by then my team has moved to B and can defend it.  After that I switch to an assault rifle class with the trophy system which works better for defending. 


      Throughout a match I have to switch classes often depending on how my team is doing.  Offensive or defensive.  Sometimes I need assassin and blind eye if we're getting killed.  But I think it's best to really use your classes depending on the situation.

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      In general A-B/B-C are the pairs that are closer together, thus logically making them easier to hold both at the same time. On any of the smaller maps I can see it being feasible to hold any of the two points. Take Dome or Hardhat for example. All of the points are so close together that it doesnt really matter which two you hold.

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    I think elite is one of the best things for people who are new to the game. I am just like you when it comes to kilsl and loses. I started to use the elite improve and i got awhole lot better. Elite give Premuim gives you even more of a break down plus a tuturial of maps and weapons. Try it out it will definetly improve your game...!!!

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      Theres alot on her to digest so i may be repeating something that has allready been mentioned but im at work and dont have time to read all of this thread


      So i play alot of domination, In a clan and solo and alot of what has been mentioned here is true and very solid advice, some points i dont agree with but each player has there own way of going about it


      - First, When using a trophy (this should be allways) as soon as you are about to start capturing a point then put it down, it takes a while to put down so you can actually hit LB 5 or 6 steps away from the point and will plant just as u step on, theis will save you from an nades c4 etc and help you cap

                - Side Note if you notice your team is using alot of trophys then try a smoke grenade, the combination of these two can be devestating for capturing. as the trophys biggest weakness is a good player will just shoot it before throwing a nade, can shoot what you cant see, and also you can throw it infront of the point you are capping to block enemy line of sight and force them to come to you.


      As for the stealth bomber then i agree if im running support (AUAV,STEALTH,EMP) i wont use my AUAV until i have got my stealth bomber, you can select with up and down on the D-pad which streak you want to use, and again aim where they are moving to, learning to forsee enemy movement paterns is gold in this game.


      In my opinion its fine to cap all 3 points if the oportunity arises but make sure that someone is at your other point to ensure spawns arent flipped. For example on mission if you hold C and B and you want to Cap A then ensure you have a player or 2 back by C this will cause them to either spawn at the right hand corner on the bridge or right behind A.


      Another thing you could look at doing is running low assault packages with hardline, for example UAV Pred Airstrike, with hardline this means 2,4,5 when your capping points this becomes quite achievable, also airstrikes and preds are fantastic in dommination for defends and often multikills and the streak is nice and low so you will start to hit it alot, also hardline pro will mean your assists will start to count, when you get comfortable with this you can remove the UAV for either a care package making it 3,4,5 or an attack heli 4,5,6


      Might come back to post some more but there is alot of knowlege in this thread so hope this helps

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    This is all great stuff. We play a lot of DOM as a team and we always try to figure what 2 flags are easiest to hold. Usually B and C or A.


    What I mean is usually the Higher flags are easier to hold with B than the lower. Like say Mission C is on the platform I think but the one on the platform is way easier to hold with B than the one in the hole where you have to go up the dirt ramp.


    So say on Mission if we spawn A in the hole. We will all run to C first because that's the better spawn and the other team will be at B. Then go to B works pretty good.


    This worked better in BO with 3arc spawn system but this strategy has work good for us. Remember Summit in BO we would always shoot to C and wouldn't touch A way easier to hold C, B or A, B just gotta figure out which way to go.


    Holding 3 flags is hard to do but sometime the action it creates is fun.


    We have also ran a clock wise circle staring at your spawn. Talk about stirring the pot this can fun and more challenging.


    Any way just my 3 cents.

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      I have actually bookmarked this thread on my computer. Fantastic points. If I had more time in my life, I am actually nerdy enoug to make either an Excel spreadsheet or take notes .


      I sincerely thank all of you. I know it's just a game, and people familiar with the franchise from its inception might have some qualms with this one (at least from reading the board), But to me, I've never played a game like this, not any military game (not Ghost Recon, Conflic: Desert Storm,Bad Company, not even Rainbow Six), and no game I've played online has given me this level of interest, outside of Madden.


      I am going to take all of these insights and readily apply them at my next available opportunity. I would like to turn my headset on, but I toggle mute pretty much all the time because the conversations I hear usually have nothing to do with the game and sometimes sounds pretty useless. I would only use it if I was on a team with people into the game and they gave me direction or used some kind of cohesive level of communication. Because the one thing I've learned about Domination is that cohesiveness often wins the game.