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Am I the only who doesn't have a problem with ANYTHING?

I come here and see all the post of people/kids crying about perks & weapons and it amazes me that I just don't have a problem like they do. Some people hate Assasin with passion, yet that perk doesn't bother. I rarely get kill for an Assasin I didn't see on my mini map.


Some people hate the type95 yet I barely see it, it's not like in BO which sometimes whole teams would use the Famas. Even when I see people using it, is not like they kill me a ton of times, I think I've beaten plenty of type95 users up close and in long distance.


Of course I kinda rage when BS happens but is not like I get mad enough to come here and post how I hate lag com, or how that kid kill me and i think it was unfair for whatever reason...


Am I the only one like his? Could it be because I am kinda of mature, Im over 18 years old and many people playing this game are kids in middle school and such.