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Would you kindly do something about the hacks?

Seriously. This game has gone from okay to UNPLAYABLE in a matter of a single month


The PC community doesn't care if we aren't where you get the majority of your game sales. We just want what we deserve: THE ABILITY TO PLAY THE GAME WE PAID FOR. Currently, we can't even do that because of the hackers. This game is INFESTED with hackers. I have played 14 seperate games today. I have reported 16 different hackers. Basically, MW3 Multiplayer has turned into Riot Shield Mode because it's the only way to beat out the hacks.


It's time to step up and take responsibility for your actions. Clean up the hacks. Let the players who paid for the game, play the game.


I don't care that we don't get Elite. I don't care that we didn't get the ranked dedicated servers we were lead to believe we would have. I don't care about the weapon balancing, stat padders, or anything else. I just want to ******* play the ******* game. Okay? How hard is that?


Promote some players to Mods! Make them in-game moderators with the limited capacity to mute players and submit people's Steam Profiles to a higher power to be checked for hacks and then banned. JUST ******* DO SOMETHING. OKAY?



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    Don't bother asking, they won't do anything. They already have their money. If we could test out the game for 2 months before playing it and the in we wanted we could buy it, IW would have sold a third of the copies they sold.

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    wierd worlds are these

    I love how many people are saying the game is INFESTED with cheaters.


    I now since release day, have only come across about 15 cheater's and been called a cheater approx 50+ times including by people on here.


    The problem is because there are people using a cheat like what was posted on here the other day, people will use it because they can all of the sudden everyone else uses them according to people.


    Then there are people with ego's so big that if anyone kill's them, then they are automatically a cheat aka Rawtoast aka Bullcrap and many other names that he has.


    Maybe when the game get's a new engine and goes back to ranked dedicated servers with good admins and goes back to using Punkbuster then, all the people who are cheating will be banned and those who like me were called a cheat but don't actually cheat will still be playing the game.


    I have seen 3 or 4 video's posted on here where they show a cheat, but others that apparently show someone cheating don't show anything other than someone playing the game and being a above average gamer.


    Considering most people playing Call Of Duty today are little kid's who have never played any other games the likes, of Unreal Tournament, and Doom, Quake, Hexen, Duke Nukem, Heretic, Rise Of The Triad's and many many more, have no clue that people who have been playing those games on pc for years and I mean more than 10 years then they will have, developed some abillity to play the game better than some little scrote who only just bought the game and expect's to be able to beat everyone without fail every game they play, and then they are the people who are brought up to think that winning is everything so when they loose they call foul and will not accept they were, beat by a better player.

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    If the player is better I have no problem.I'm 41 yrs and I been playing games most of my life.The fact is there are many cheaters in this game but nobody wants to own up to it. Stop and thank about it would you want to lose money for banning people.I can answer it for you the answer is no.I would bet there are more people cheating on this game already then in black ops.I play both.I have over 980 hours in black ops and I have been playing mw3 since it came out.I have ran into the god mode hack over 100 times.I have seen people floating in the air.Now some of this is the lagging problem I know and admit it.I play about 4 hours a day and have seen a lot of it.I don't know how old you are but the group I play with the youngest I play with is 23 yrs and the oldest is 73yrs and most of us know a cheater when we see it.Thanks

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