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Private match problems


Hay guys, was going to look this up but im pretty busy today so I was wondering if any of you knew. I was just wondering if any of you have played clan matchs or do alot of private matches and could help me out here.



We tried to have a clan match last night, I was host (my nat type is open and so was all the people I was trying to invite appart from 1 that I wasnt sure about). Our clan match was 6 vs 6, we managed to get 11 people into the private lobby but one of them couldnt join. One of their guys left to talk to him so we decided to play 5 vs 5 when the other guy got back, but the other guy couldnt get back in. 


So we disband lobby and go to public, invite everyone, we get 10 of the 12 people back in, everyone else just constantly gets invite invalid or invite expired, they logged out and back in, same problem. Changed party leader and send out invites to same people, manage to get one guy in but not the other.


Try again, same thing, so then invite everyone to the private lobby again and same problem with original guy and 2 others that couldnt join. Decided to change host, same problems occured in differenet ways over and over again. After 35 minutes of constantly fannying around with host, party leaders, logging in and out etc we just gave up.


I use to always host private matches on black ops, upto 14/15 people at times, and we never had this problem before, every so often one person has trouble, quick log off and back in or an invite from someone else fixed it.

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    EDIT: Here is what a guy from another forum found for me, seems alot of people are having this problem (Taken from http://community.callofduty.com/thread/100579227)



    "There are many clans out there who compete that are running  into the same problem. LoH competes in the SEALs league and we have found there are a few things that you can do to make it easier to get more than 9 in a private lobby.


    1. Have everyone remove their "Elite" clan tags and title.

    2. Send out the invites on the main MP screen. When you have 6 or 7 people in the lobby, switch over to a private match. This has worked for us a bunch of times.

    3. I've been told that not everyone has to leave the "Elite" clan to get more people in a private lobby. Only 1 or 2 people need to leave the "Elite" clan and 1 of them need to host.


    Hope these help."