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VvV is recruiting



We Have been a COD clan since COD4 came out, and continue to play multiple COD games,  Before that we played RSV and RSV2 on xbox360.  and before that we were founded on socom 2 on the playstation network.  We enjoy the community features on xbox live, and have msotly switched, althogh we have many people who own both systems, as well as play on PC.  We play many games and many different game genre's as well as battlefield 3, forza 4, zombie games, strategy, card, arcade games, and others.  we often setup fun game random game nights that could be of older games, or arcade games even.  like a poker night on xbox live, or a racing game night too.  We are more of a group of friends and gamers, rather then just random people playing.  we have grown into a family, and enjoy playing games together, sharing thoguths, stories on our website, setup our own tournaments, and are overall just good people.  we enjoy fair gameplay, good competition, and embrace the brotherhood that being on the same team creates.  It doesnt matter if you have all the time in the world, or just want to play games once a week, we have been competitive and we have just played for fun.  we are a family, we are brothers in arms, we are loyal, and we are friends.  if you want to be a part of this, feel free to stop by the site and signup on our forums.  We have our 10 year anniversary coming up in February, where we will be doing some great things internal to the clan and having a lot of fun.  so stop on by...  www.vvvhq.com  (P.S. we are not the european clan vVv, technically we are older.)