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So if you did NOT buy into Elite Premium you may be S.O.L. on the maps for awhile.


Here is a cut-n-paste from the COD.com Elite Drops page:


"The Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 Content Season includes nine consecutive months of epic downloadable content with new multiplayer maps, Special Ops missions, game modes, and more that are available first for Call of Duty ELITE Premium members or later in the form of collections for non-Premium members."


Here is a cut-n-paste from evil source gaming:


"The Content Drops will be available for purchase by the entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player community on Xbox LIVE in March, as part of the first Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection.  The Content Drops will be available on additional platforms at a later time."


Sounds to me like it may be that the non-premium players might have to buy the "drops" as "packs" (i.e. bundled, maybe 4?) instead. That would really suck for non-premium members but definitely a way to get folks to buy into the premium package still.