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Thoughts on the New Maps

Hey guys, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the new maps. I'll try to keep my thoughts brief.


I'd like your opinions as well. This feedback should be useful for the developers.


1. Liberation - God awful map. One of the worst I've ever seen. Large maps were never suited to my playstyle, but this takes the cake. I could do extremely well on Derail and Wasteland, as well as Array in Black Ops, but this map...ugh. Yes, we need a large map in this game, but Liberation was not the answer. Let me explain: it's almost impossible to find anybody on this map! It's like a big open sandbox. If you're not playing ground war, good luck doing anything on this map. It's both sniper and camper haven, allowing anybody to sit back and pick people off from the distance, without any retaliation. Plain and simple, it's boring. There is no room to...uh... "run and gun". If you try, you'll be killed. Half the time I was getting shot in the back without warning (that almost never happens to me). Not to mention, it feels as if there's no cover. There's no sense of direction, and you just end up getting bored to death. I give it a 2/10, it's almost unbearable and I will not play it again (that's pretty much the same treatment I gave to Fallen. ).


How to improve: Shrink the map size a bit, give us a sense of direction with clear-cut paths that aren't death traps a la Mission's Road of Death, and add some buildings for close quarters combat. Snipers and CQBers both have their fun on this map.


2. Piazza - On the flipside, this is one of the best maps I've ever seen in Call of Duty. Excellent job on this map. It's fun and fast-paced. Snipers won't like this map a lot, but it's still great fun to move around and flank the enemy. The first time I played this, I dropped a 24-2 because it was really easy to use the narrow passageways to your advantage. However, there isn't any real long-range combat, so the MP7 and FMG9 akimbos will dominate this map. Think of it as an awesome version of Dome. No grenades over the map, but narrow passageways to keep the combat simple but engaging. Not campy in the slightest, as there's different paths to take at almost every turn. If you want to do well on this map, move fast and utilize low walls to great effect. Map more maps like Piazza, it's one of your best. I give it a 9.5/10.


How to improve: A central area or an overwatch for snipers would make this map perfect. You have a lot of alleys for close-quarters combat around the edges, but there's no main area that will draw the entire enemy team. One of these would be great.


Do you guys agree/disagree?

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    Ok 1st I haven't played either as I'm on ps3 but everyone has complained bout how small the maps are. I'm a run n gunner usually but I enjoy sniping too so I like the idea of a big map . Were catered for in terms of small maps so I hope liberation is really big .


    If you never snipe you'll probably hate it regardless . I'm keeping an open mind about them . The devs must think they can't win with us.  In saying that I'm also aware that being huge doesn't mean its automatically going to be any good . Here's hoping my experience of it is the opposite of yours

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    They suck .. Moving on ..

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    There isn't one big map in MW3 so I welcome the change of pace.  In MW2, I really enjoyed the options of long-range battles the maps offered (not to mention the better guns), but since BLOPS, the out-the-box maps have been consistently small.


    I'm guessing that's on purpose -- most casual players are going to enjoy the smaller maps, while those who are more than casual will not only appreciate a larger map but also be willing to pay for DLC.  I know this isn't BF, but there's more to the game than run & gun.  A "strategic" map != "boring" map.  Plus, I've always noticed that the first few days of playing a new map seems slow, as everyone is getting a feel for them.  I'm sure the pace will soon quicken.


    Anyway, welcome, big maps!  I'll see you in a month on my PS3

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    Both are pretty great maps in my opinion.

    I only played Liberation in HQ Pro, so I don't know if that made the people more concentrated, but it seems like it'll be awesome for objective modes (especially HQ). The color scheme of the map is great and I personally welcome the size of the map.

    I only played Piazza on Domination so far also, but that was also great. Much smaller than Liberation obviously, but it's very fast paced and vertical.

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    Well, Liberation doesn't seem that good at directing players toward...well...anything, it plays like a sandbox and I don't think it suits the CoD playstyle that well.


    ..that being said, opinion is opinion. I welcome any discussion.

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    love them both , especially liberation !!