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New Update, but still no option to ricochet and non-ricochet.

Well, it looks like ricochet is here to stay. Well, I don't want ricochet to go, I just want IW to give us an option like they did in MW2.

But instead, I'm force to play ricochet.


I've tweeted Robert Bowling a bunch of times to make ricochet an option or AT LEAST take it out HC TDM. I got no response.

Well, I might as well just put this game a side and just not play it.

I mean if you can't make another playlist for non-ricochet, then just take out of HC TDM, or DOM.


I'l guess I go back to MW2 where it is an option for ricochet and non ricochet.

Well, HC TDM is pretty much the only mode without ricochet in MW2 (which it should be like in MW3),

Oh yeah the Hardcore Mosh Pit, I forgot about that one in MW2.



I don't like being forced to play ricochet. I wanted an option.

Now that ricochet is in every mode, boosters are running wild in hardcore, team mates can just destory my Claymores, C4, TI, etc. They can destory my Pointstreaks. And I can't do anything about it.

Oh yeah, the griefers also trap me, and I cannot do anythng about it, and they also run infront of me and when I am shooting causing me to die.



I give up.