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So, I came online this afternoon to play the new maps, as a founder, I've been waiting from day 1, and was very annoyed to see that there's only one option for hardcore on the elite playlists.... MOSH PIT!?  Really?  It is now proof that MW3 doesn't give to $#its about its hardcore players.  I can choose from everything on core, but if I want to play hardcore, I have to play everything? How ridiculous is that? I already expressed my distaste for the addition of ricochet in a previous post, but this is another slap in the face to hardcore fans that want to play the new maps that they paid extra for.  Now, I am assuming that once the maps are released to everyone, they will have the full gamut of regular choices, but why should I have to wait til then.


Ridiculous.  Another point AGAINST MW3.