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"I feel ripped off" (Ps3 Elite Members)

Something really caught me right here. Is Infinity Ward that money hungry that they have to make another under the table deal with Xbox? That's really ridiculous and shallow. They say it's business, but your really betraying your customers. Not only that it really pisses off the people who paid 50$ for elite. I could of bought new clothes with that money. I don't think you understand. Even the NON-ELITE XBOX 360 players get their stuff before the PS3 ELITE members do. You say no? Look at it this way...


Janurary: Xbox 360 Patch #1

Feburary: Xbox #2 - Ps3 #1

March: Xbox #3 + DLC MAP PACK (NON ELITE) - Ps3 #2 (Were still on map pack #2, and we payed for elite......)

April: Xbox #4 - Ps3 #3 + Map Pack (Non elite)



If you obviously look at it in March Ps3 Elite members only get their second DLC, and Xbox NON ELITE people who DIDN'T PAY FOR ANYTHING still get their stuff first. So they can actually get 1-3, before people who paid 50$. I think i'd rather spend 60$ on Xbox live make it last a year, play a bunch of other games with it, and still get my DLC's before Ps3 does. I know it's a 1 DLC, but it's a Multiplayer map, and Call of Duty is all about Multiplayer... I feel that Ps3 players should get a freebie, map, gun, or something. I feel like your throwing us under the bus, and just hacking money off us for nothing. The next crap you pull on your next game. PS3 AINT BUYING IT. There goes 35-50% OF YOUR BONUS. So infinity ward, you just showed us how much you care about us, and this stunt you pulled right here is gonna end Infinity Ward. Minus well make Call of Duty games from Infinity Ward Xbox 360 exclusive... I thought this week was gonna be awesome, but now you just dissapointed us. You couldn't even recognize in the terms of us buying for PS3 that we still get it a month late. I wouldn't of bought it, and so would of a lot of other people. You should of warned us at least, hey i'd buy your next game if you did. Now you didn't so I'm not buying MW4.

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