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    iv got £34.99 in my bank, not exactly but u no it is actually there for call of duty elite, but having seen what threads people have created about it i really don't think im going to bother. PEACE.

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    Lets face it mw3 is garbage on ps3. After all the nonsense with mw3 on ps3 and being treated like sh** from activision, I plan on never buying anything with activisions logo on it. If activision has its hand in a future game, forget it, i'm not even looking at it. I dont care what the sheep are saying about any new game. Activision = poor quality, sh**ty treatment.

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    the guy that said         I bought Elite for early Map Packs. Before Elite launched, you made a promise that all content for MW3 would be released to all premium Elite subscribers at the same time. Just because you and Microsoft are exchanging money behind the scenes is not an excuse to fall back on your promises you corporate jerks. Your supposed to be focused on the game and it's players, not money, yes your a company, but with each new game breaking record sales, I think you have plenty of money to refuse Microsoft's bribes, or at least lower the price of a premium Elite membership. I payed $50; 50 flipping dollars, nearly the price of the actual game, so that Xbox could have the game a month early. I am extremely angered and disappointed in your service, your system, and Elite in general. You have my word that I will never, EVER reinstate my Elite membership or buy another Call Of Duty Game. I will never again recommend you or any of your products to my friends. I'm switching to Battlefield 3. Their Battle log is hardly perfect, but it's a lot better than your crappy system, best of all it's free. I suggest you do something big to repent for this, a refund would be nice. Words can not explain my fury and hatred towards your company. You have lost one cherished COD fan, and will lose many more in the future. You may delete this or simply disregard it, but if you want ANY profit in the future, I suggest you adhere to your customers cry for justice.       is  right and thats the best comment ive seen in this post  i think we should all quit playing this game completly   FAK YOU COD

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    still worth it u morons xpox has to pay for online play plus elite so they get it before us

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    I just realized this a few weeks ago and im not sure if anyone else noticed it, but aisde from the fact that if you got screwed by purchasing elite, if you renew your xbox live in say January then renew your Elite in Say July, then you buy the newest COD title that comes out in November. I saw where they are already advertising the new COD for this november which will have ELITE, that means that your membership will purchase your DLC's for both MW3 and the new COD title simultaneously while its active. It may not be worth it but to not have to worry about driving to the store or putting your credit card on file with microsft seem worth it to me and you get your DLC early to boot. I personally have never bought anything with a credit card through microsoft for fear of a loss of senstitive info like on PSN. So i just buy the points card and purchase through the console that way.

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    I haven't really payed attention to how badly we are getting screwed whether we are premium or not. I got premium for the clan ops. I haven't liked any of the new maps so far. It would be awesome if they gave premium members an extra couple of months or weeks since technically Elite wasn't 100% for awhile.

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    defo feel ripped off tried to complain but they just dont care about us ps3 users

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    So this is somewhat a social injustice? Get over it.

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